Crossing to Barbados Day 3 - Magic, not sorcery

Let no one say that there is a lack of highlights and sensations at sea. So far, we have been able to observe innumerable birds on our voyage, saw dolphins, whales, turtles and now also flying fish. On the third day at sea, however, the first highlight of a future never-ending series of highlights on our transatlantic tour took place. And I don't mean the delicious goulash for dinner, where I was a little careless with the agitators I bought in Mindelo.

Meals are the most important fixtures of the day, but the freshwater shower is an extreme highlight. They don't even exist on other sailing boats, as fresh water is only available for coffee and brushing your teeth. To save electricity, we “only” treat ourselves to a freshwater shower every two days, with a cat wash with a washcloth in between. Did I mention the watermaker was a great investment? Today there was the first transatlantic shower and it was great. Only the ship's movements were uncomfortable with only a good 3 wind strengths.

Now I'm on night duty and it's so beautiful right now. The crescent moon stands in the sky, sometimes it can be seen between the clouds, but often only to be guessed. The wind has picked up a bit and is coming from behind. A whopping four wind speeds, tendency towards five. A dream. The waves also come from behind, they are long, wide, pleasant waves. So we surf the waves up and down for minutes. The ship lies very quietly in the water and makes hardly any noise. Only the hissing of the waves can be heard, the wind generator still hums in the background. Magical. For minutes. We are driving at 6 kn. Great. For minutes. Then a wave runs across it. The magic is over, Sissi shakes herself and everything clinks, rattles, creaks, rattles and bangs. Calm returns for almost a minute, and then the magic creeps back into the cockpit. This is no magic, here the Atlantic sparkles magically in the pale moonlight.

The following morning I wake up to a sound that is new. New noises always worry me. I call Jens to check the wind vane, then I get the answer that the screw, which we have already replaced or tightened several times, is already going astray again. The main problem is that we no longer have washers for M12 screws. I smurf us a washer from a cable lug for M12. Then I add half a tube of screw glue (a shaft made me press too hard on the tube) and tighten the screw properly again. If the manufacturer had only specified a torque, it would just have to come from the wrist.

The sun is shining, the sky is slightly hazy, the wind only blows with wind force 3. So we're only making slow progress, but today we were able to beat yesterday's Etmal again. If this continues, we'll be racing down to Barbados in the last week.

3. Etmal: 106 nm
Position at 12 o'clock: N15 ° 48 ′ W29 ° 27 ′
1757 nautical miles to Barbados, we have 301 miles behind us.

Breakfast on the Atlantic

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