I can hardly believe it. It's been so long that I can barely remember it. When was the last time we had against Bayern ...? That was long ago.

A can for the 1-0

Upon friendly request, we got our favorite program in the Hafenbar switched on - Frankfurt versus Bayern. Then we sat in our corner and stared spellbound at the telly when Boateng was sent off.

Telly in the harbor bar

We mixed up the entire harbor bar with our goal celebration at 1-0 and the waitress almost threw a tray with food on the floor. It's just stupid if only two people really actively follow the soccer game. At 2-0 we were also loud, after that we held back a little.

Konstablerwachemarkt in Frankfurt (picture by Gregor D. from Frankfurt)

At 3-0, the messenger slowly warmed up and we hugged the waitress. There is no cider in the harbor bar, but at least they have Magners Cider, a relatively good material from Ireland.

At 4-0 we were almost on the tables. At 5-0 we were singing. Such days are rare. We rarely have the opportunity to celebrate against Bayern like this. Who is - as of now - actually Trainer of the Bavaria?

5: 0 final score - picture of the video cube (photo in the Waldstadion taken by Floh W.)

Now we have a real job. For every goal of our harmony, we put an apple wine in the refrigerator. It still wants to be drunk today. Ole ole ole, forza SGE !!!

Home win!

4 Replies to “Wahnsinn!!!”

    1. What a goal? The video cube is quite old and sometimes displays incorrectly. I can still hear the announcement from the stadium announcer: We have a new score. Eintracht Frankfurt 3. Bayern Munich 0. The results were called out by the 50,000 spectators. They can't miss any goals.

  1. Congratulations on my part too. When I opened the kicker app, I first thought of a spin, then of you. Of course, that also pleases a man from Bremen, who at least cannot enjoy victories in the league at the moment, but doesn't have to endure defeats either. Yes, indeed, madness. The headline in the kicker was somehow like “Lewandowski also scores in the 10th game” and “Frankfurt against 10 Bayern successful”. Oh well, then that's no art.

  2. Have you painted the sailing yacht black and red?
    Tomorrow I'll hang the Eintracht scarf all the way up in the office.
    Ole Einracht Frankfurt.
    Now beat RB Leipzig in the round of 16.
    Everything is possible.

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