Goodbye Porto, off to Lisbon!

Finally the time has come. The wind forecast is stable and we will leave Porto tomorrow. We want to drive straight through to Lisbon because after the wind there is a calm hole that lasts several days. Somehow the wind either comes from the opposite direction or shines through absence. But tomorrow it will be good, we have good chances of wind to Lisbon.

Before that we take a walk through Palmeira, the district at the marina. We want to see if we can still find a cat.

Street cat in Palmeira

We can see a few shy street cats. They scurry away after a photo. We are too slow for one or the other cat. But we get a few cats in front of the lenses.

Curb cat in Palmeira

A single cat can be petted. She sits in front of a church entrance and enjoys the pats for a few minutes. Then it gets too much for her and she disappears into the church. Therefore we cannot take a clever picture of her, we were too busy caressing.

Wall cat in Palmeira

We are suspiciously observed by this cat on the wall, who is not very happy with it and who immediately went to a safe height when we arrived.

Since it is lucky to be able to pet a cat the day before departure, we now have everything we need for the crossing to Lisbon.

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