Cayo Granma

Today we visit Cayo Granma. Granma was the name of the boat Fidel Castro was traveling in. Today an island is named after the boat. Mostly fishermen live on the island, we can watch their boats every day from the marina when they start fishing at dusk.

Tracks from Hurricane Sandy

While we wait for the ferry, a resident explains to us that this house was beautiful until a few years ago, when Hurricane Sandy swept the island. Not only was this house destroyed, many of the broken houses in Santiago de Cuba were also dismantled by the hurricane.

Cayo Granma

From the ferry we have a wonderful view of the island, which is idyllically located in the sun. After several stops we arrive and take a short walk around the island. It's not far, it's less than two kilometers all around.

One of the many footpaths on Cayo Granma

On the way we see children who carry a chicken under their arm like a football is carried in our country. The chicken doesn't seem to mind, at some point the children let it go on the floor.

Fishing boat

A couple of children are sitting on the jetty next to a fishing boat. Even in winter, the water temperature is perfect for swimming. We climb to the highest point of the island, there is of course the local church. Unfortunately it is locked.

Church on Cayo Granma

When we went back down, we saw children playing by the water. I am sure that the parents here do not have to be afraid that the children will drown them in the water. All children can swim here. The remains of the former concrete pier are perfect diving platforms for the older children.

Children and teenagers play by the water

This island is actually a paradise for the little ones. There is no danger from cars here, a few motorbikes are occasionally brought to the mainland by ferry and back again in the evening. Nobody would leave something as valuable as a motorcycle on land overnight. This MZ ETZ 250 from GDR production costs around 12,000 CUC or 290,000 local pesos on the street, which is only 48 annual salaries with a usual monthly salary of around 500 pesos.

MZ ETZ 250

We stop in a small private restaurant and get fresh fish with rice, fried bananas and salad for little money. Everything tastes great, Jens even tastes the fried bananas. I have to mention that, because otherwise Jens is a banana hater. The green stuff in Cuba, whether tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers, is of the very best quality. The difference to industrial production in Germany is clearly noticeable on the palate. We have a lot, but it's not always good. The Cubans can hardly believe what we tell them about our food. The little eggs from the little chickens that can be found all over the street are also delicious.

Street in Cayo Granma

In the restaurant we meet two Germans, one of whom lives as a pensioner in Cuba. We learn a lot about the local problems, customs and traditions, and we are filled with rum. We arrange to meet for the following day to visit Gran Piedra, one of the highest mountains in Cuba. We're supposed to get a taxi, but a new one with a good engine, because the path is steep and not every taxi driver would go up there.

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