Pan Pan

I wrote about our trip from Lanzarote to Tenerife that nothing special happened. That is not completly correct.

The radio was on every few hours Pan-pan Call repeated. This is the second worst call you can get over the radio. The worst call is one Mayday. It wasn't our first pan-pan we received, but it made me feel bad. Fortunately we were far away.

I felt like that Film Styx recalls who was in our cinemas last year. A refugee boat was missing or searched between the African coast and the Canaries, a boat with an unknown number of people on board. All ships were asked to keep an especially good eye out.

Ever since that film, I was somehow thoroughly afraid that such a boat could drive us to the bow. What should we do in such a situation? Especially when the boat is actually in distress. Fortunately we were far away.

If such incidents happen in the Mediterranean, there is a certain chance that you will read about them in the press in Germany. Here on the Atlantic, these boats are also lost, people die and nothing is read about them. At least not with us. However, there are no lifeboats around that could save these people's lives.

If I could wish for something for Christmas, for example, this would be the opportunity for these desperate people to just go to the counter and book a ticket for the ferry.

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