Phantom hair

People with amputations often still feel pain in the amputated limbs. This is called phantom pain. A part of yourself that has always been there is missing. But it feels like it is still there.

I have phantom hair.

The other night I caught myself pulling the hair tie out of my hair. When I put on a T-shirt, my hands move automatically to the collar to pull my hair out. I put my glasses on so that no hair gets caught in the temples. When I take a shower, I try to be careful not to get water on my hair because I don't want to wash it. Jörg reports of similar events.

Speaking of showers - after my first shower after shaving, I was surprised to find something. I felt something like the shock of power. My sack hair is now longer than the one on my head

two bald heads in front of the tram

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  1. Hey JJ,
    For 12 days in Leixoēs, everything ok?
    Do you have a mail address, you also have a question about OpenCPN.
    Kind regards Alfred and Petra

    1. Hi you two. With us everything is clear. Have ordered our package after postage. I'll send you an email right away.

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