Lawn or travel?

Yesterday a German sailing yacht came into port here in Leixoes, followed by the skipper and five charter guests. You left today and are on your way to Mallorca and the Canary Islands. At least the boat will go to the Canary Islands. The trip started in Amsterdam a week and a half ago. There was a stop at A Coruna and then the group was already here. After a night's stay in Porto, we continue to Mallorca. Just to classify: We have been in Leixoes for a good two and a half weeks when the others have not even been on their ship in Amsterdam.

Surf on the beach at Leixoes

For a few days now I have been asked again and again if something happens to us again, if we continue and when. A lot happens with us, but we don't put ourselves under any stress. And we continue to drive when the wind is reasonably appropriate. It looked like it could be so far today, but today it looks like a reasonably stable weather window for tomorrow and the day after. So we will probably be able to continue driving tomorrow.

For me, this time out in Porto is relaxing. In the past few months it has been a buzz word that we have to cross Biscay and then be out of the stress of time. What did we do after Biscay? Of course we went on, on and on. As if we still had the wide bay ahead of us and the stopwatch on our necks. But this is not the case. We want to be in the Canary Islands by the end of October at the latest. It is about 10 days sailing to the Canary Islands. So we still have about 30 port days. So we have the luxury of free time to wait for the right wind.

When we arrived here three weeks ago, I was joking about Eintracht's away game in Guimaraes, which will take place nearby on October 2nd. Today I actually looked for the tickets (are still available) and for the prices (€ 200 for guests, pretty steep). That doesn't motivate us to hang on here for another week.

Are we too slow? I dont know. The others are faster. The Roede Orm is already at the southern end of the Algarve. The Milena Bonatti has started, left Portugal and is heading for the Canary Islands on the high seas. The fairytale is in Nazeré. The Zora in Sintra. To do this, we penetrated deep into the city of Porto, did a lot on the ship and relaxed. Vacation from sailing.

Surf on the beach at Leixoes

When I think again of the berth charter crew and their ambitious schedule, I shake up cold and think about buying tickets for the away game. We also have to learn to rest, relax in the harbor and do nothing. We have been so socialized over the decades that work is the measure of things and idleness is the beginning of all vice. This is difficult to throw off even after almost four months on Sissi. I get a guilty conscience sometimes when we lay on our lazy skin for a day and I didn't even write a blog post.

It can't be wrong to stroke the cat up there on the street corner. It shouldn't be wrong to leave the diesel in the tank and wait for the right wind. The climate is very pleasant at this time of year.

Surf on the beach at Leixoes

After almost three weeks, this place gets on my nerves. A local change is announced. The wind forecast for tomorrow is okay.

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  1. To lie on the lazy skin for a day, that has to be learned first. But it works. Be assured, after three years of sailing around the world you will have forgotten a lot, but you will be able to do THAT at a high level 🙂

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