Fright in the morning

A rumble and roar pulls me out of my sleep. There is a lot of noise outside, I have to see what it is. A giant pot, the Aidaperla, is just about to be attached to the tiny concrete pier.

Arrival of the cruise ship

I knew that there are practically no islands in the Caribbean that no cruise ships arrive at. I never thought that it would hit us so hard. Beeping from the intercom, announcements in several languages and noise from the machine. I go back to bed.

Aidaperla next to Sissi

Fortunately, when I can no longer sleep at eight o'clock, the noise from the fat pot has not stopped, Jens has already finished the coffee. We're going to run away with our scooters today. That is unbearable. Over coffee we watch the passengers make the immigration procession. Why can't they lock people out at sea for the corona virus? The Dutch are relaxed.

The Immigration Service is located in the yellow house

A cruise ship with more than 3500 passengers has arrived on Bonaire. Bonaire itself has only 18,000 inhabitants. That is quite a chunk. The water taxis drive the crusaders in a chord to Klein Bonaire, an offshore island with popular sandy beaches.

Water taxi

The crusader is so powerful, he even turns the wind. We usually lie east with the bow because the wind always comes from east. Now we're lying south with the bow, because this fat pot is so close that it once turned the wind 90 °. Mmmpf. This no longer fits properly with our sun protection tarpaulin.

I go ashore with Jens, who wants to go on an extensive hike in the national park. Then I go to the phone shop and have to wait in line behind three German crusaders who all need a SIM card for their phones. I have a SIM card and I just want to charge it. But that takes time because the Germans in the cruise ship age are not so good at English. And because certain words like "cell phone" or "prepaid" do not exist in this language area or have a different meaning. But the German thinks that he will be better understood if he speaks louder ...

When I finish and go back to Sissi, the glasses almost fall out of my glasses. I haven't seen that yet. Not only has one crusader landed on Bonaire, there are two of them.

Two crusaders

So there are about 7000 crusaders on the island in addition to the normal tourists. Wow. Can't the shipping companies at least coordinate with each other? If we wanted to clarify now, it wouldn't be possible because of the large number of people. We want to stay anyway, because we have rented the scooters until evening and have not yet seen the island completely.

I have another coffee in the cockpit when a water taxi suddenly comes from behind. There are some really drunk (it's 10:30 in the morning) Germans on it. They roar over to me. They greet the German flag at our stern. They show me the Hitler salute. I show them the middle finger. I hate crusaders. Not the people, most of them are completely normal and totally nice. The ships, the industry behind it and what it makes of the travel destinations.

Whale skeleton
Information board on the whale skeleton

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