Tram driving in Aruba

I was really looking forward to that. We are in Aruba and there is a tram there. I had no splints under my ass for a long time, the last time it was open Tenerife, on the other side of the Atlantic and last year. That brings me withdrawal symptoms. That's why I'm glad that we have arrived at the most Caribbean of all trams.

A few technical ones Tram information is available on Wikipedia. I am not copying it now, if you are interested, just click on the link.

Blue tram comes from the crusader terminal

We are actually lucky enough to see three different vehicles in one day. This is a very good value, because there are only four cars in total that drive the almost two kilometers long route.

Red train at one of the many shopping malls

The train in Oranjestad is actually not a tram, but a carousel. It has no significance for public transport, but only serves to bring the cruise tourists from the cruise ship terminal to the shopping street and vice versa.

Orange tram on staff trip

The trip in the carousel costs nothing. You can just get in and ride. I think that's awesome. The fun is likely to be financed by downtown businessmen who are driving the crusaders out the door.

Jens photographs the blue tram

The beautiful shape of the vehicles even motivated Jens to hold his camera lens on a rail vehicle again. I torture him every evening with a series of railway romance from the ARD media library. This is starting to show fruit.

Red tram under palm trees

In any case, the red vehicle is much nicer to look at than the blue one. Like almost always. The bright colors also go when the sun is hiding behind clouds. It's a shame that the orange car doesn't drive regularly.

“Emergency photo” of the orange car. He came back much faster than I expected.

We stayed longer at the dodge and took photos. It was not only the picture of Jens taking pictures, but also a picture of the red vehicle.

Red tram in the dodge

At the final stop, the trains always have a few minutes of rest. The tram driver went to a cafe there. As always you have to run after the staff, then you will also find good and cheap food. We were able to hunt delicious ham and cheese sandwiches that didn't pull all the dollars out of our wallets.

final destination

After this photo of the blue tram at the final stop, I want to take a picture of the red train. The driver took my cell phone out of my hand, sent Jens and me to his workplace and took a picture of us.

This is us.

Then he went into the shade for his well-deserved break. That would be a job to my liking. Work a quarter of an hour, then a quarter of an hour break. They don't break themselves.

Well-deserved break at the final stop

When we walk from the marina to the cruise ship terminal, we can take the tram and drive near a butcher shop. Then the tram gets a traffic purpose. We then run back from the butcher shop to the marina because the route is shorter and the meat should not spoil.

We go to the butcher

Because it was so much fun, we shot and edited a little video. So I filmed and Jens cut it together. The best thing was the driver who didn't want to use the cell phone to drive over it. Since we are still in Aruba for a few days, we will take one or two trips.

Specifically, I will take one or two trips. I don't know if Jens is there. I have to punch a few more episodes of railway romance.

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