Tram in Santa Cruz

I pre-produced this post so that one or the other picture that does not show the boring ocean can appear while crossing the Atlantic.

Intercambiador terminus

At the lower terminus there is a large bus station, from where both city buses and interurban buses drive. I start my walk along the route.

Tram in the direction of the final stop Intercambiador

The tram runs from the coast across the city, higher and higher. The steepness of the tracks is impressive. The picture above was taken just before the upper terminus “La Trinidad”.

The following two pictures were taken in the city center, just before the lower end and close to our marina.

Just before the “Fundación” stop

What I liked very much is the really well-functioning priority circuit for the trains at all traffic lights. We didn't have to wait anywhere, instead the traffic had to wait. That's the way it has to be. I know it differently from Frankfurt because the trains often wait at the traffic lights until the wheels get square.

On the way to the “Teatro Guimerá” stop

Everywhere the tram has its own track structure. This ensures that it is not blocked by incorrectly parked cars.

After the Plaza Weyler stop
Exit at La Paz stop

Some of the tracks are concreted in, some have beautiful lawn tracks. The construction of this tram shows the will to install an efficient means of transport for the city of Santa Cruz. I think it worked well.

After the Puente Zurita stop (and in front of the local employment office)

The tram climbs ever higher and higher. Me too. However, on foot. Before this recording, I had to work through a crowd of people standing in front of a kind of shop. At first I thought it was one of the many gambling dens. But it was the local job center.

Dorada brewery on the way to the Conservatorio stop

The Dorada brewery produces what I think is the tastiest beer in the Canary Islands. I prefer the Dorada Especial.

Shortly before the terminus La Trinidad in the mountains

After my walk up the Santa Cruz hills I took the tram back.

Driver perspective

The interior of the vehicles is modern and bright. There are two USB charging sockets for mobile phones on the handlebars where the stop request buttons are located in other cities.

inner space

Illegal driving is never worth it, especially not here in Santa Cruz. The tariffs are slightly higher than I am used to from Germany.

400 € for black driving

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