Day in, day out

Now we have been in Leixeos for so long that I had to ask the harbor master yesterday if we remember the day we arrived. At the moment there is no telling when we will get out of here. The wind is shining because of our absence and we don't want to burn too much diesel. Maybe we will be able to go down on Saturday, otherwise things will look better in the middle or the end of next week.

We did a lot. In addition to painting, we also did other work on the ship. Sissi always gives us new jobs. If we don't do it in a timely manner, we will have a huge backlog of work at some point. We don't want that.

We spent a week here waiting for a package of accessories from Germany. We spent an hour unpacking. After all, four of the jib shackles ordered were in the package. For that we forgot to order a NMEA connection cable, so we cannot put a new electronic toy into operation. The local glider accessories store of course does not have this cable in stock.

Otherwise, Porto is the first major city on our trip where I feel really comfortable again. This city doesn't flood me, in this city I get along with the many tourists. Why is that - I don't know. In any case, the city is worth seeing!

Cat in Leca de Palmeira

We definitely want to meet the cute, cuddly cat that we saw on our way to the supermarket yesterday.

We don't stress. We have time. We don't have to meet deadlines. That's great.

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