Bye Ute!

And again there are changes here in the port. Ute packed her bags and took the first scheduled flight to Amsterdam on Saturday after the airport reopened.

Bye Ute!

Actually, she just wanted to let herself be sailed across the Atlantic and then enjoy a few Caribbean islands. Ute could not have imagined beforehand that this would turn into half a year and that she could visit Aruba, Aruba and Aruba, as well as Aruba. For that, she saw practically everything on Aruba. With her cheerful nature, she has always contributed to the fact that there was a good mood here.

Giant cactus

You won't normally find cacti in this size here. It's amazing how the bottom part turns woody. A cactus is actually a tree, at least it looks like this. This cactus is in the Donkey Sanctuary. Even if I always work up a sweat there, I like to go there. I finally have a sensible opportunity to do something physically.

Donkey feeding

Jutta kindly sent me the video. I would never do sport, I think it is senseless sweating. The cute cats also caught me. These two are siblings.

I still have no knowledge of the relationship between the donkeys. Some are friends with each other and always traveling together. Others are loners, so donkeys are like humans.

Looks like it's parked - a donkey in front of the visitor center

The best time to visit is between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. This is due to the feeding times. At 9 a.m. the gates are opened and the donkeys are fed in the morning. They have two hours to do that. Then they are full and spread over the area.

Chilling donkeys

Then the donkeys do what many people have also got used to. You take a digestive nap. I think that is funny. The likelihood of encountering such images is greatest around noon.

The food was sooooo exhausting.

In the early afternoon, the donkeys can be seen roaming around or playing with each other. I have to capture that properly in the picture. So far I have not succeeded. The sleeping donkeys are easier to photograph. And so are the hungry donkeys.

If you enter the site at 9 a.m. in the morning, you are under 100% surveillance. Likewise if you are on the go at 3 p.m. in the afternoon feeding time. Then the stomachs will growl again.

Three hungry donkeys

A visit after the start of the feeding period is no longer worthwhile, because you don't see much of the donkeys during feeding.

Feeding time

But of course there are not only donkeys to see. A couple of crazy chickens live on the premises. You are not always treated kindly because the boss Desiree has a problem with birds. And a few peacocks are still to be found. The two roosters in the picture below started a small cockfight shortly after the shot. The camera was stupidly back in my pocket. After the few seconds it took me to put my pants back in my pocket, the fight was over. But that's really the point.

They'll fight soon

When the cats are feeding, a few chickens usually come to the food bowl. They like the cat food and drive the cats away. Fascinating. When two chickens peck in a plastic food bowl, it sounds a bit like hail falling on a corrugated iron roof. That's why the cats are given part of the food on the counter.

The siblings again

From week to week it gets more pleasant here. The landscape remains in its limitless dust-dreary dreariness, although it has rained repeatedly in the past few days. The plants have become a little greener, but the dust remains dry dust. It is the people here that make this place so remarkable.

Heavy rain in Oranjestad. Five minutes of rain.

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