Crossing to Barbados Day 10 - Mountain Festival

The weather is nice. The sun shines from the sky and flushes fresh electricity into our batteries. The wind blows us across the pond with wind speeds of five to six and also fills our batteries. For the first time in many days, the wind vane has been set exactly the same way in the morning as it was in the evening, no screw has come loose. The repair was lasting. The coffee is fresh. And the miles have reversed. We have more miles behind us since midnight than we have before us.

Pizza is planned for tonight. We don't have much left to put on the pizza, but it will still be enough. We saved the cheese, tomatoes, onions, garlic, olives and salami are added.

I am currently working on the electrics of another ship again - this time as an electrical remote doctor. At the joint venture, the refrigerator failed. I asked Damir to measure the battery voltage at various points. When he's done, we'll talk more. I have a guess what is happening to him, but I would like to underpin this with a few measurement results. Well, if you don't have any work to do on your own boat ...

After we pulled the approx. 1.5 meter long and approx. 25 kg heavy mahi mahi out of the water yesterday, our refrigerator is filled from top to bottom with the finest fish fillets. We will have to feed on this fish for better or worse for the next few months. Now we have already fished the Atlantic pretty empty at our position. We still can't make a pizza tonno because the tuna has not yet bitten. Sailing is hard and full of privation.

10. Etmal: 117 nm
Position at 12 o'clock: N16 ° 09 ′ W42 ° 45 ′
994 nautical miles to Barbados, we have 1099 miles behind us.

Mountain Festival

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