Crossing to Barbados day 11 - jibe, online, offline

Our course line has developed further north over the past few days. That is why we decide to jibe in the afternoon to get more towards the 13th parallel. We also don't want to lose sight of the goal. We get the news from the joint venture that with the existing wind you can easily drive along the 13th parallel and keep going in Barbados.

The jibe is a real loss of comfort. So far we have had the waves somewhat straight from behind, only occasionally there was an outlier that shook us. Now the waves come diagonally from behind and shake us through, only occasionally there is an outlier that gives us a few minutes of rest. However, we are in good spirits and watch the fish fly. We have only collected very few in the last few days, Sissi is obviously not a good landing platform.

Our internet connection is still stable, my repair with armored tape and screw glue keeps very well in the shaking, shaking and rocking. But this is not a "real" internet connection. We can send and receive email. We can also download the weather forecast. That's all. If, for example, someone is waiting for a comment on one of the blog posts to be released, that person must be patient until we have installed a usable internet line in Barbados. We cannot access WordPress from here. I will come up with something for the future.

However, we also cannot access the websites of relevant news magazines or newspapers. So we don't know what's going on in the world out there. In this regard, we are wonderfully offline. We don't really care much about the world outside. We have our own problems in our microcosm that arise every day or have been there for a long time. We have to solve them, then we will arrive safely and comfortably. Only the relatives and friends with whom we exchange emails are an important link to the outside world.

At the next opportunity, I will also install the web browser for Iridium, then we will use the brutally high speed to read news and watch the news. You should be able to download a normal daily news program in 25 hours.

We will keep the current course as long as we keep it up mentally. Then we take another jibe and hope that the ship movements will be more pleasant again. The Atlantic is below us, around us and sometimes comes on board for a visit. The Atlantic is still beautiful, blue and picturesque. I still can't get enough of this film and I don't understand my two fellow travelers who stare at their smartphones for hours and watch films from a can. I like it here and I think it could all take a few weeks longer.

11th time: 112 nm
Position at 12 noon: N15 ° 07 ′ W44 ° 08 ′
907 nautical miles to Barbados, we have 1211 miles behind us.

The Atlantic - always beautiful!

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