Crossing to Barbados Day 16 - Whale for breakfast

Sissi shakes her butt twice. I'm now used to sleeping on a dancing surface, but that's too much for me. Once I fly against the right wall, once against the left wall of my bunk. New bruises are added to the bruises that I already have. I can't go back to sleep like this, I get up. At exactly the right time. I'm just putting my coffee cup on my mouth when Jens shouts "Oh, oh, oh!"

Several whales swim next to Sissi. They emerge, blow out and submerge again. You stay with us for a really long time. Sometimes we see bright spots in the water, these are whales that swim upside down and let the sun burn on their fur. A cup or two later I grab my camera and climb into the pulpit. The whales have been with us for almost 20 minutes. Maybe I'll catch you with the camera. I was lucky on the Biscay. A few minutes later I land a hit. Better than on the Biscay. Great!

Seconds later I accidentally manage to give Jakob a deep blow. He just wants to do his job well and wash the coffee dishes. Only he cannot see that I still have coffee in the pot when he wants to take the cup from me. Anyone who has ever tried to separate a pit bull from a steak can imagine what it means to separate me from my coffee.

I feel sorry for the moment the words leave my mouth. I drive him to tears, that was not wanted. 16 days of crossing and a weak wind tug at your nerves. On all our nerves. But something like that mustn't happen to me, that's poison for the mood on board. I try to apologize. We are having a clarifying discussion and I am now confident that at most a few scars that are difficult to see will remain.

I mean the saying really seriously now: Sailing is hard and hardship-rich! When three people live together on 12 square meters for several weeks, practically without privacy and without being able to stretch their feet in front of the door, it is a state of emergency for the psyche.

Last night there was pizza one last time. Now we have nothing left in the fridge that could spoil us. We stopped fishing for cheese, sausage, meat and fish. The fridge is now out. At the moment, we cannot harvest enough electricity to run it properly anyway. The wind is simply missing. However, should a fish bite, we will put the refrigerator back into operation immediately. The wind should come back on Saturday, the day after tomorrow. We stay slow for so long. We don't turn on the engine, we sail it out. I turn on the Watermaker and let it produce so much water that we can all shower extensively. At 28 ° C and just under 80% humidity, this is a short, but great pleasure.

The joint venture arrived in Barbados the night before yesterday. She first tried to clear in Bridgetown, but got no answer from there. Then they drove to Port St. Charles and were able to complete the entry formalities in an hour. It is clear to us that we will also clear in Port St. Charles. From the Grace we receive the news via the Roede Orm that they can see the Barbados lighthouse. The Björkö wants to arrive tomorrow. We are the slowest again. But we are showered very well!

16.Emal: 116 nm
12 o'clock position: N14 ° 28 ′ W54 ° 23 ′
315 nautical miles to Barbados, we've covered 1839 miles.


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