Crossing to Barbados Day 4 - Swing, not sailing

You can never please people. Especially not when planning meals on a transatlantic cruise. We still have a lot of vegetables, but there is no fresh meat left. From now on we live from our canned food. Our potatoes in particular are not doing well. They don't really tolerate the climate and want to be eaten. The sweet potatoes are still going strong. They can handle the climate better. I suggested a dish with fried potatoes for today and a dish with the last potatoes for tomorrow. Then Jens mutinied, our pastafari. “Potatoes, always only potatoes!” I have to think of something else. Maybe I'll put sheets of lasagne between the layers of potatoes.

The wind is unfriendly. Somewhere between little and very little. As a result, we stagger around in the waves like a drunk cow on an ice surface. If a wave really hits us, the genoa hits and it crashes in every corner of Sissi. Somehow I wish for a few days with strong winds. We can handle that better, then we don't rock in front of us at 4 kn, but hiss through the waves at twice the speed.

A routine of changing the guard has been established. After dinner, Jakob and Jens go to bed early, I have the watch until midnight. Then I wake up Jacob, who is on duty until four o'clock. He wakes Jens, who is then the turn of the rest of the night. In the morning around 8:30 am I slept in and took over from Jens. That usually ends around noon, after which we are all awake. Then it's everyone's turn. Otherwise, people doze, read and eat. There is a daily inspection of the boat. Have any screws loosened? We work hand in hand, with routine. We're going across the Atlantic together. Sometimes I ask myself - do we also drive together?

In the first few days we first had to get used to the rules at sea, which are quite different from those in port. There is no object left where it was put down. If you don't hold on with at least one hand, you won't stop for long. We are now so fit that we can do something together during our time together. We sleep well now and don't have to catch up on the lack of night sleep during the day.

We only have a few board games in our luggage, but we will hardly be able to play online games. In any case, I want to try my hand at a pizza tomorrow. On other boats they can do the same thing with the pizza, because I'll be able to pull some delicious slices out of the oven, too. Variety is a must, we haven't booked a potato diet. If the day after tomorrow we have to hand over our last potatoes to Neptune, that's just the way it is.

Actually we just have to get through today's Saturday. The wind will come up on Sunday night. Then the mood on board will suddenly improve, because a fast boat is more fun than a slow boat. Right now it feels like the Atlantic is a thick syrup. And the flying fish are annoying. The guy in the photo for this blog has started to smell under a fender. Uh Finding fish is also routine on board.

In the morning, the first repair awaits me before the first morning coffee. The electric coffee grinder no longer grinds coffee. I lovingly take them apart and stroke the innards with a delicate brush. I free them from large lumps of coffee and find a lot more deep inside the most useful household appliance on board. Then I get my life giver, the black magic potion. Mmmmh, yummy.

4. Etmal: 97 nm
Position at 12 o'clock: N15 ° 45 ′ W31 ° 05 ′
1,666 nautical miles to Barbados, we have 398 miles behind us.

Flying fish

One Reply to “Überfahrt nach Barbados Tag 4 – Schaukeln, nicht segeln”

  1. Ode to the blog

    Are you up for the blog?
    Can you read where
    on the land on the sea
    are there, is not difficult.

    From lock gate to lock gate.
    It feels like work to me.
    Jens can take the helm, and Jörg?
    Is today doing donkeys work.

    When holy calls
    you want to try the pasta,
    the doldrums hold, do not make progress,
    then we take the tram.

    If water breaks through the hatch
    and Parasailor falls oh no!
    DHL is almost the rule
    takes forever for the new sail.

    If you get lost in the witch forest,
    a fish popped on the boat,
    Jens scrubs the cockroach egg,
    I'm always there.

    I'm in the mood for the blog!
    Can I read where I've been.
    The pictures are also a hit.
    So we all go.

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