Crossing to Barbados day 5 - hard and hardship!

A Skat game is on board, a chess game and the minority quartet of the Postillon. Something can be done with that. We also have the rod that we still haven't caught a fish with. So get out the fishing rod and make the card game clear. I proclaim that one should rest on the fifth day, as it is in the Bible. We want to play skat. I think I played the last round of skat in the past millennium. Jens not yet, Jakob just as often. The fishing line goes into the water with a bait, a bait that is guaranteed to work.

Then I'll start by explaining the rules. With the values of the colors, with the bidding, playing the cards, etc. It takes a while before I remember the importance of the jacks when bidding. And that you can play a zero. And what the value of a zero, a zero overt or something. I can't remember any of the values, but we're among ourselves and still practicing. Usually these values are all on one of the cards in the game of Skat. They are only missing in our boarding pass game. Sailing is hard and full of privation.

It is fun. Have fun. Jakob and Jens understand the rules fairly quickly. Trumpf is only occasionally not served, but these are marginal phenomena. We play a round, then we suddenly notice that the fishing line is completely gone. A fatty fish is on the hook. We get ready for the tuna steak in the evening, Jens cranks meter by meter back onto the reel. The counter shows 50 meters of string when the crank suddenly turns very easily. The fish is gone, and so is the fishhook. Sailing is hard and full of privation.

Then we treat ourselves to a nice shower. Everyone has to, there is no exception. Either everyone shower or none. Otherwise we can no longer guarantee a uniform odor nuisance for the others. The shower is unfortunately only cold, it has an Atlantic temperature (around 25 ° C). Sailing is hard and full of privation.

Then we eat the pizza, unfortunately without oregano and without fresh tuna. We ran out of oregano, we never had the tuna. In addition, we only had two sheets of pizza, we could have eaten three. But then the dough was no longer enough. Sailing is hard and full of privation.

In the night there is finally some wind. The boat speed increases. The boat noises decrease. There is tension in the ship again, the rolling movements become more pleasant or disappear. Until I want to pour myself a glass of cola while on watch and neglect the normal precautionary measures a little. At this moment another nasty wave catches us, gets Sissi rolling, me stumbling and the Coke on the floor. Great, I can mop the floor in the middle of the night. Sailing is hard and full of privation.

We are in contact by email with the Joint Venture II, which left a day and a half before us. They also suffer from the weak wind. And we're in contact with Björkö, who left two days after us and can't complain about wind. During the night we are overtaken by the Chriscat from France at a distance of only two miles, unfortunately we cannot establish a radio link. Several calls go nowhere, they probably switched off their radio to save power. Too bad. With them it's probably even harder and more deprived.

The following morning we enjoy the fact that nothing has been broken in the last 24 hours and nothing has been torn apart from the fishing line. We open a fresh can of liver sausage from Frankfurt and smear the contents on the freshly baked bread. Small pickles would have gone great with the bread, but we don't have them. Or. we just don't find them in the supply load. Sailing is hard and full of privation.

5. Etmal: 103 nm
Position at 12 o'clock: N15 ° 42 ′ W32 ° 47 ′
1565 nautical miles to Barbados, we have 501 miles behind us. We have also passed the point of no return. We can no longer drive back to Mindelo with our diesel. From now on we have to move forward.


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