Crossing to Barbados Day 6 - Sailing as in the brochure

We don't have a lot of wind, but we have some kind of wind now. It has only increased to 15 to 18 knots, but that's enough to improve travel comfort by several powers of ten. The sail has so much pressure that it no longer flaps when the ship moves. In addition, the ship's movements are generally much more pleasant. And calm returns. Due to the reduced movement of the ship, the interior fittings no longer creak as much and the dishes in the tap no longer clink.

Even today a fish bites during our skat round, and today we lose it. This time we were allowed to keep the bait. After all, we are nearing a successful catch. Our fridge is almost empty anyway, a tuna would do very well in there.

For a good part of the afternoon we just sit around in the cockpit and look out. The smooth ride is a gentle glide through the waves. It hardly rocks any more. Downstairs in the salon it feels like Sissi is firmly tied to the dock. You don't hear anything except the hissing and gurgling of the water. A school of dolphins or a small whale would have been the perfect frame for this picture from a sailboat brochure, but they had other plans. We enjoy the time and the tranquility that spreads to the horizon.

In the evening we start the engine for an hour. If you normally get your electricity from wind power and solar energy, five days of sailing with moderate to low wind and partly heavily overcast skies are the absolute killer for the power supply. After an hour, the battery monitor reports that there is another 70 Ah more in the batteries. It's finally quiet again.

My watch then becomes anything but quiet. Suddenly, over 30 knots of wind push Sissi from behind. I think of a squall first, but there is nothing. The radar shows nothing. But from one minute to the next, the wind has changed from a nice, good-natured sliding wind to a nasty, gusty and unfriendly wind. I have to reef the sail, with only 15 knots of constant wind. The gusts go up to almost 30 kn.

At night I am repeatedly tossed around in bed by the waves. Still, I sleep pretty well, the body gets used to everything. The morning after, I find Jens and Jakob in the cockpit, staring dumbly at the log and grinning. Jens has reefed and the wind pushes Sissi forward at 6.5 to 7.5 knots. The only thing missing is that they both drool on the instruments. The wave is stronger than yesterday, but the speed more than makes up for the loss of comfort. It is beautiful here.

6. Etmal: 120 nm
Position at 12 o'clock: N15 ° 49 ′ W34 ° 49 ′
1449 nautical miles to Barbados, we have 621 miles behind us.

Stupid selfie in the cockpit

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  1. You have been with the course tomorrow at Pedro's deep-sea kiosk, best regards from Apfelwein Hehl. Greetings Antje, WOM, Marius, Jörg (18), Peter and me!

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