Crossing to Barbados Day 7 - water is blue

The water is so incredibly beautiful blue. Wave after wave comes rolling in from behind. Meter by meter it is getting closer and closer, it grows beyond the implement carrier. Then the stern lifts, the wave runs under Sissi and you can see from the cockpit into a deep valley. If one of the waves breaks in the sunlight, this place shines in the most beautiful, brightest and richest blue tones, framed by the white splashes of the spray. The drama repeats itself several times a minute, hour after hour, all day. At night the water is dark gray. If the moon is shining, it also makes the spray sparkle. I can't get enough of this spectacle. That's better that way, because they show this film day and night in the on-board cinema when you sit in the cockpit.

Otherwise everything is routine. We collected several flying fish and put them back into the water. The fastening screws of one support of the wind generator have loosened and wanted to be tightened again. In addition, the fastening of the aforementioned support on the standpipe of the wind generator wobbled. Hadn't we screwed it down properly first ...? That was between Guernsey and Roscoff when we almost lost the wind generator for the first time. And now again? We've only sailed a few thousand miles from Roscoff to here. The time before the Vizcaya crossing is so infinitely long away from our now.

We need a screw control checklist. We cannot check every screw every day. But we have to make sure that all screws are checked regularly. Otherwise there will always be nasty surprises. I also pull the one from the wind vane, it rattled a little there. And the battery in the engine room wanted to tear itself away, it sheared off some of its retaining screws. I'm replacing the screws with more screws. Another point for the checklist. But the rig holds up well. The new lower shrouds have to be tightened in the next few days, but there is still time. The new Genoa also pulls us nicely westwards.

In addition, we turned the clock back an hour last night, we are now in the UTC-3 time zone or four hours behind Germany. This means that our position on the stalking page is always updated shortly after 4 a.m. and a little after 4 p.m. Fortunately, we are spared jet lag.

The wind is blowing so nicely, the weather is great, we are making a good trip. The rocking is now very pleasant, the noises in the ship are again limited. I sit in the cockpit for another hour and enjoy everything. The blue water, the spray, the sun and the wind. I never thought it would be so nice to just see water for days. The Atlantic looks different every day, and after a few hours the picture has often changed completely. I hardly get around to reading my books. The best and most exciting thriller is totally boring when I compare it to the tension of the boundlessness and vastness of the ocean.

7. Etmal: 125 nm
Position at 12 o'clock: N15 ° 52 ′ W36 ° 56 ′
1326 nautical miles to Barbados, we have 746 miles behind us.

Blue water

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  1. Hi Jörg, your blog is addicting. Addicted to me (h) er. Mom and I can hardly wait for the next post to appear. I would love to be there. Since I have often sailed with you myself, I can almost understand your thoughts and feelings.

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