Christmas is around the corner!

You can't think I'm completely crazy now. A few days have passed since my last blog, in which I haven't written much, but in which a lot has happened.

After my last blog, I was in a kind of shopping ecstasy. The shops are open again and you can even be together in groups larger than two people, because there are now only five active corona cases, the total number has so far remained at 101.

My orgy of shopping brought me an ice maker on board. Wonderful. The machine hums and after an hour a few ice cubes fall out every few minutes. Now I have no problem getting a cold orangina in seconds. The sundowner along with the chapos also gets clinking content. Since the voltage on the island is 115 V here on the island, only devices that run at 115 V are sold. On Sissi, however, I only have the 12V from the batteries and the 230V as in Europe. I decided to get the electricity for the ice cubes from the 12V, then you can also make ice cubes in an anchor bay.

But what does that have to do with Christmas? Very easily. Most shops in the pedestrian zone have removed their board cladding. At Dufry, I felt like I had bought too much and hadn't looked at the calendar for too long.

Christmas Madness Mega Sale

I didn't notice this advertisement six weeks ago. But it is still mid-May, I was not on the road too long.

Speaking of the road: Aruba will open completely again tomorrow. The national parks are opening and the bars will be drinks again, the restaurants will serve food again. Now I have paradise to myself. The locals always ask me how I get to the island.

I have been traveling a lot in the last few days because I got a car from my Aruban acquaintance Lel. Rental car companies are still closed, the private rental car is also cheaper. It also has disadvantages. The air conditioning is broken.

Rental car with minor flaws. You shouldn't go any closer.

The day before yesterday the car brought the Chapos and me to the “Natural Bridge”. This is a natural limestone bridge that has collapsed in parts. I wasn't sure where to park the car in the parking lot.

Seafront of the Natural Bridge

The bridge is located on the west coast of the island, which is why the ocean thunders against it with proper force. The waves splash almost as spectacularly as in Lanzarote Los Hervideros.

The water flows in under the bridge.

Nearby there is also a surf beach that is very popular with the locals. The waves come in all over the place, not as predictable as in Portugal, but just as high.


Based on my previous experience, I get along quite well with the Japanese small car on the island. Only occasionally is it that I want an off-road vehicle. I only wanted to go to the beach briefly this morning, as the asphalt disappeared after a few meters and a dust track remained.

Is it going to the beach here?

The many traces of car tires showed me that the route is used regularly. I only came across off-road vehicles. Real off-road vehicles, not the ones you only drive around the city with. Then I faced dachshund-sized stones. The lack of ground clearance for the small car prevented me from driving to the end.


Last I checked to see if the national park might already be open today. Unfortunately he didn't. The Chapos once asked me why you can't just go to the closed park. For me, the question is easy to answer - nature is too defensive for me on this island for walks without walking paths.

Cactus wall

I would like to close this post with a graffiti that I found in Oranjestad. Not only in Saint Nicolas, many buildings are also decorated in Oranjestad. I like it. I will heed it on the next sand track. And with a little cat. Because I have to write a lot about cats in my next post. There is something you all need to know!

Secret World Government: The Cats!

I hope I can still write. If I don't succeed, you all know that YOU prevented me.

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