50 years

I hadn't imagined it that way. Not at all. I didn't know exactly where I wanted to spend that day, but certainly not in Aruba. I would have wanted to visit picturesque islands in the South Pacific, instead I feed donkeys.

Ice box

I ask Desiree if I can celebrate my birthday at the Donkey Sanctuary. I may. I also get the car from the Donkey Sanctuary as a bonus, with which I can easily do the shopping. For the transport from the marina and back, I ask one of the minibus drivers, this point of organization is done quickly. Dickie lends me his grill.

The grill is warming up - on the leeward side of the building.

Around 4 p.m. I reach the Donkey Sanctuary and can even drive to the Visitors Center to unload. Then I have to fill the ice box and light up the grill. As a reward, I treat myself to a well-chilled can of apple cider. I am annoyed that I forgot the ribbed ones on board.

Charly and Johnny at the grill

As always, it gets dark early. The grill is hot when the bus drops the guests at the door. Unfortunately, we only have a few hours because the government has ordered a curfew between midnight and five in the morning. We either have to party until five o'clock or end the party at 11 pm.

Birthday cake

I get a wonderful birthday cake (creamy) and an apple cake, made by Anneke herself. I have to admit that my favorite is the apple pie. The cake, however, is more spectacular.

Then I have to put on a silly birthday hat. The Americans already have funny traditions. I may be able to hand in the pictures later, I pinched a birthday hat selfie.

Guitar sounds for birthday

Everyone has their instruments with them, so a vocal round is started right away. After the singing, I'm allowed to act particularly silly again. My guests got a piñata. Hopefully the part is called that too. They blindfold me first, then I can hit the part. But nothing comes out.

Spectator. Karen is filming.

In any case, the audience is having a great time. Karen takes some photos and films, I have yet to ask her to take them. Johnny is next. He is not particularly successful either, the piñata withstands his blows.

Johnny tries his luck

Now Edward goes to work with the bat. He succeeds after only two hits and a stream of candy and small liquor bottles pours over the floor. I first set out to collect the candy. I don't need the liquor bottles. Huh? What am I writing there. Was I already drunk by then? Or am I still?

The dentist is happy here

Shortly before 11 p.m. we see lights in the parking lot. We empty the last drinks and make our way to our bus. I want to pay the bus driver, but I notice that my wallet is on board. I promise him his wages for the following day. After that, I crawl onto the boat more than walk. Another piece of apple pie for the night and then I quickly go to bed.

I was happy, we had a great party. And now the number five is in front for my age. And we broke the current Corona rules by the way. Private parties are currently prohibited.

I'll line up the next morning to clean up. I would love to lie down next to this donkey. Ouch. My head. The silly birthday hat must have caused bruises.

Chilling donkey

5 Replies to “50 Jahre”

  1. Happy birthday from Frankfurt / Hessen. Despite the pandemic, I wish you many more experiences, even if they are currently different than expected.

  2. Congratulations on your birthday and, above all, good health and that you keep writing wonderful reports.

  3. Our warmest congratulations afterwards, unfortunately I only read the entry today.
    Welcome to the club for over 50s.
    We are constantly changing our plans because of Corona.
    Let's see how it all goes on.
    Still good health and great friendships, greetings to the donkeys
    wish Christine and Thomas from Danja.

  4. Welcome to the club and congratulations afterwards. We are happy that you celebrated your birthday so beautifully. Sometimes you have to interpret the rules a little more generously, and in this case that's more than appropriate. Hopefully you are still healthy and we send warm regards to Aruba from San Francisco. We're flying to Mexico on Wednesday. Today the first pyramids should open again, let's see. Greet all the others on the jetty too. ⛵️

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