Cancellation. From Aruba to Aruba!

In my opinion, the third day of a multi-day or multi-week sea voyage is the worst. You are not yet used to life on board and the movements of the boat at night when you want to sleep. The steps on board are still difficult, the legs are not yet used to the sea. As a result, on the third day you are usually very tired and most activities are difficult. I find it very difficult to make a decision.

Barbara has been severely seasick for more than 40 hours and there is no improvement in sight. We have tried everything, from travel tablets to bananas and biscuits, light foods and and and ... But whatever we try, it doesn’t stay there. This is not a good start to a four-week cruise. There is a risk of dehydration, but she is weak anyway. Our water on board is not suitable for giving minerals to the body, because the watermaker only supplies pure water. Nuts, nibbles and the food that otherwise gives the body what it needs do not want to reach their destination.

What alternatives do we have? Calling at a port in the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico would be an option. The problem is that they are all still very far away. Ultimately, there is only one option. We turn around and drive back to Aruba. We can get there in less than two days. All other goals that might be more beneficial for Jens and me are therefore canceled. So we jibe and steer Sissi back in the direction from which we came.

Immediately calm comes into the boat. A course ahead of the wind is always more comfortable and calmer than a course close to the wind. Sissi glides almost noiselessly through the waves. If there wasn't a violent wave every now and then that makes us roll properly, it would feel to me as if we were in port. A look in Barbara's face tells me that maybe Sissi is not lying as calmly as I imagine. The decision was spot on. We pull out the genoa a little more and drive at maximum speed. The navigation computer calculates an arrival time on Tuesday.

During the night the wind freshened up a bit. We sometimes come to a speed of over 7 knots. Of course the current helps a little, but it's a wonderful sailing egg. The boat is so calm that I can hardly wake Jens at the changing of the guard. Only on my third attempt does he get out of his bunk.

In the morning the voices of Barbara and Jens wake me up. She speaks. She speaks more than just a few words. I think that's a good sign. After all, she feels a little better. No, even on the downwind course, sleeping at night did not help to sweep seasickness out of your brain. The decision to turn back was spot on. Around midnight we expect to reach the port of Barcadera again. The swing will end around midnight. As I write these lines, every major wave leads to a groan on the part of Barbara. Fortunately, there are less than 12 hours left.

3. Etmal: 130 nm


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  1. What a story. Even if I have never been seasick and therefore have no experience of my own, I can empathize with Barbara. Well, it was an attempt and now she's smarter too. Do not let yourself get down, you will catch up the few days.
    I keep my fingers crossed for the mood to rise again.
    Greetings Klaus

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