We are reversed. We're going back to Aruba. We will be there in about 14 hours. That’s the end of the dream of the Azores. Life on the boat has come to an end for the time being. The hurricane season is starting soon and Sissi has a certain need for repairs.

After the rough night, we noticed that the starboard railing looked kind of weird. Jens found the damage on the eighth day on closer inspection. We cannot sail on with that. We run the risk of losing the mast. The engine hums. By the time the repair is done, it will be too late to try again. Our frustration could hardly be greater. The delicious goulash that simmers on the stove doesn't change that.

I won't be writing very much in the next few days. A lot has to be planned. A lot needs to be clarified. This is not the end of the trip. The trip is only over when Sissi swims on the IJsselmeer again.

Rig damage

5 Replies to “Abbruch!”

  1. Phew, I'm really sorry for you two
    Somehow your attempt to leave Aruba reminds me a lot of "The Prisoner" with Patrick McGoohan, who tried to leave an island in every episode.

  2. Oh man, what can go wrong To me it reads like happiness in misery. It would have been if the defect had only set in much later.

    1. What if ... Motor to Puerto Rico. To the Bermudas engines. As long as we can get to land within five days, all is well. Even later? Really stupid. It is important that the mast has remained up.

  3. Hello you two, it looks like this to me: the Sissi was built for Aruba, and ... .... she knows that too! You know: the girls always prevail

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