Accept. Accept. To adjust.

So now I'm back in Aruba and expect another hurricane season. I can now accept that. The alternatives are manageable, I could put the boat on land and fly to Germany. But that doesn't make Sissi any better. So I accept the challenge and face the new situation. Of course, the new situation does not only have disadvantages. I can visit Soraida and she can visit me, we can do something together and cultivate the young plant of our relationship.

The garden of Soraida's neighbors is full of goats

There is one important point on my list that I can tick off pretty quickly. I am currently buying a used car. It costs about as much as a rental car for ten weeks and is very useful because I have completely different mobility needs this year than last year. With my own car I can move Sissi to the other marina, which is much cheaper a month. The marina in Varadero is at the back of the airport and is practically at the end of the world, I reserved the berth for June 1st.


What will I do in the coming months? In addition to replacing the electric bilge pump and repairing the back day, I also undertook other work on Sissi. In particular, the interior of the salon and there especially the wooden ceiling suffered from the large amount of salt water that ran into us on the way back from Cuba. I'll do this all over again.

Unfortunately it is no longer possible for me to work with the donkeys. There has been an ice age between Desiree and me since last autumn. I still go there on Sundays and have a nice afternoon with Anneke, the cats and the donkeys.

Swa is overseeing the donkeys

If I need more animal closeness, I can also help in the animal shelter - with the cats or the dogs. I would go to the cats.

When I work on the bilge pump, I will also take precautions right away so that water ingress like the one we did during our last attempt to cross the Atlantic cannot occur. The gooseneck at the top of the hose must be routed so that it is always above the waterline.

Only cats can relax

Last but not least, there is the time together with Soraida. I don't think I'll get bored in the months to come. I think the time will be very, very nice.

Shortly after I photographed the goats on the neighboring property, they left quickly but without any particular hurry. The neighbors' dogs discovered the goats and started their work. The dogs are also in no particular hurry to get to the goats. Much goes slower in the Caribbean.

March off, the dogs are coming

I also plan to learn a new language - Papiamento. Dutch would actually be more useful, you can do something with it in Holland too, but the colloquial language in Aruba is Papiamento. That will certainly do well later in letters of application, if I can come up with a language that the HR manager doesn't even know exists.

When Sissi is ready for me to do a test drive, I'll do a little tour to Bonaire. Or Curacao. Then I get another stamp in my passport when I re-enter Aruba. At some point I'll be the German with the most Aruba entry stamps. At the moment Jens is ahead of the game because he has left Aruba once more than me. But I won't do a test drive to another country until I've been vaccinated. If I'm in the country illegally, get me the shot. After that I will travel again.

The last sunset on the Atlantic before our third return to Aruba.

Jens will leave Aruba on May 26th and return for the Atlantic crossing next year.

2 Replies to “Akzeptieren. Annehmen. Anpassen.”

  1. Oh, we're sorry, it's good that you always make it back to your new home safely. And, another advantage: we'll see you again this year.
    Until then, Alfred and Petra
    PS: I heard that Thomas Schaaf is there against Gladbach. Hopefully he'll play along.

  2. So glad you are back in Aruba. Love the people there. And sounds like you have a new love interest which is even better. Happy for you. I'm in Grenada, will put Island Lady on the hard in July and go home to family for a few months then back on my boat. Johnny is in USVI doing charters. Good opportunity for him. Stay safe my friend. See you on the water again someday ⛵️

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