Colors in San Nicolas

This is the promised post with the pictures from San Nicolas. As far as possible I refrain from commenting and would like to let the pictures work on their own. Besides, Lel told me something about some of the graffiti, but I couldn't remember all of it.

The two eyes sit deep in their eye sockets. In front of it is the nose as a balcony. I particularly like this picture, it just fits the building very well.

I did not fully understand the explanation of this picture. It is probably a resistance fighter sitting behind bars. Unfortunately I lost what I was fighting for and what I was fighting for.

In any case, the motifs are all from the island of Aruba. Whether it's gambling or the animal world shown. When I own a wall, I have it sprayed by one of the artists from Aruba. With an eagle.


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    1. Read your blog with enthusiasm for quite some time. Thank you for these pictures and all your impressions. Your writing style is great, you lost a writer.
      Greetings from Idstein from Claudia and Franz (met us in November in the Marina Rubicon during an evening together with the Chapos on your boat. We lived on the same jetty on a motorboat). Please greet the Chapos too. With us there is nothing left to do with sailing ... we cannot bring our boat into the water.

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