I want to talk about money today. Living in Aruba has taught me how great it is to live in Europe with the euro. The biggest bills are worth the most. The banknotes have different colors, so you can recognize them immediately. The coins can also be clearly distinguished from one another. It's also fantastic that you can pay with this euro in many different countries. But not in Aruba.

There is not one currency for many countries, but two currencies side by side in one country. The local money is called florin, the Dutch often still use the old term Antillean guilder. Next to it is the dollar, one of the most impractical currencies in the world.

US dollars. Common currency in Aruba. All bills are of the same size and color.

With the stupid dollars, all bills are the same size and color. So you always have to read the money before you can spend it. I find that absolutely impractical. The florins, on the other hand, are beautifully colorful, the notes have different colors and sizes, just like our euros. So far so good. So I could just do without the dollars and only live with florins. If they weren't so expensive.

The ATM around the corner gives me the dollars for free, so I don't have to pay any fees for the cash. If I withdraw the same amount in Florins, the machine wants 9 US$ charges from me. I don't see that. So I pull myself dollars. The conversion is very easy, the exchange rate never changes.

One US$ is 1.75 florins. Life is so simple, the currencies are mixed with each other at will. A bus ride in a minibus costs 3 florins. I give the bus driver a dollar bill and 1.25 florins in coins. Fits. Or I give two 1 dollar bills to the driver and get 0.50 florin back.

Florin. The 0.50 Florin coin is square. 5 florins have a different color.

Sometimes handling cash is too annoying for me, then I do it like the Americans. Then I just pay with my credit card. Even if it only costs a dollar.

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