Good wood

A contribution that has nothing to do with federal bowling alleys. As far as I know, there is not a single bowling alley in Aruba. It's all about wood.


The weather has changed for the first time since I arrived in Aruba. It feels like a rainy season has started. There has been a kind of daily rain shower for a few days now. It then takes between a minute and a quarter of an hour. This is annoying because I can no longer leave Sissi's windows open when I'm not on board. At night it rains reliably on my bed and wakes me up.

In the country of the donkeys, there was a special order to be completed last week. There are two tiny “vacation homes” there, one of which will soon be revitalized. On the beautiful terrace, on which the wind blows incessantly, there is already a table that is supposed to have six chairs.

When Desiree (the manager of the Donkey Sanctuary) shows me the wood and the chair that I am supposed to copy, I start to laugh inside. Apparently a local volunteer tried to copy the chair in front of me, but after a few parts lost interest. Apart from Jutta and me, there are no alien helpers for the donkeys at the moment.

Wood cutting

I find out that they even have 230V power in the Donkey Sanctuary, so I can use my jigsaw from on board here. After two days I can put the saw down. The individual parts for six chairs are ready.

A chair wants to be screwed together

It takes three hours to assemble the first chair. I show him to Desiree. She doesn't like him. She is absolutely right, I have to unscrew it again. The boards for the seat are two centimeters too long, which is why the backrest is uncomfortably steep. The second time the chair is screwed together in less than an hour.

The first chair is ready. Here with a steep backrest.

Now I am facing the problem of series production. Because I have prepared the individual parts for six chairs, I have to shorten the seating area everywhere. The error was, so to speak, in series. Sawing off is easier than lengthening. I only need half an hour for the second chair. With the help of a tiny and invisible structural improvement, assembly is now child's play.

Two are done.

In any case, building a chair with a donkey is a welcome change from everyday life. In between, Desiree is always happy when I can provide your IT support. Sometimes it is the router that of course resumes work after a restart, sometimes it cannot send emails from its smartphone and finally its email account was hacked and spam was sent from there.

All six

In the meantime, three chairs have been painted white. The other three are to follow. In addition, they will probably be decorated creatively afterwards. The other chairs are anyway.

Painted colourfully

In any case, the number of chairs far exceeds the number of visitors. According to Desiree, 90% visitors were tourists. The borders have been open again for most countries for a few days, at least many tourists are not yet to be seen.

Gotta scratch my back

A visit is definitely worthwhile. As long as you don't make the mistake of walking across the grounds with an openly visible carrot. Then they all come and want to nibble.

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  1. Hands that have tortured computer keyboards for years have created something really tangible. Class.

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