My name is Fire Ball

Actually, I just wanted to stop by the Donkey Sanctuary because Desiree has a problem with her computer and a laser engraving machine from China. I will soon also have a few words about this machine.

We have been trying to put this device into operation for a few weeks. In vain. It is a hardware defect, but the manufacturer thinks it is the software. The machine has three stepper motors. One of them is defective, two work perfectly. If I exchange one of the working motors for the defective motor, the defect moves with it.

My guess is that Desiree is chatting with a Chinese customer consolation WhatsApp account. From there I get completely hopeless instructions every day, which I carry out, but which remain ineffective. But on the subject. We have a new donkey.

Fire Ball. Arrives at Donkey Sanctuary on October 12, 2020

Desiree received a call yesterday morning that a donkey was near a busy road. With the help of the fire brigade and the police, it was possible to catch the donkey. Suggestions for the name were therefore Sheriff and Fire Ball, a survey of three volunteers who happened to be present then revealed Fire Ball as the name. Such an opportunity is of course great.

Until the new donkey is neutered, it has to stay alone in its small stable. Therefore the contact with the other donkeys is not neglected. They're pretty curious to see who got there. A long procession of donkeys passes the stable.

You sniff yourself.

The new situation is still pretty uncomfortable for Fire Ball. After a life in freedom he is suddenly housed in a tiny stable. Even if he has a huge amount of hay available, he only nibbles a few stalks. Like it's a crime to be a donkey. It was only for his protection. He will be better off when he can romp around the whole area with the other donkeys.

After all, there are enough neighbors to get to know. And everyone pokes their noses in to sniff the newcomer.

It seems, however, that Fire Ball has already met an old friend. Perhaps the two of them used to have one or two arguments. Maybe they're siblings. The last newcomer before Fire Ball was Kamino in August 2019. At that time, the stay on the street wasn't so easy.

Anneke told me that Fireball ran to Kamino as soon as they dumped him. The two also have a lot to tell each other.

In general, it is very noisy this morning in the Donkey Sanctuary. Any donkey proud of its identity as a donkey participates in this conversation.

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