Never complain about the weather again

I'll never grumble about the weather again. No matter what the weather is in Germany. I will enjoy it. The weather in Aruba is getting on my nerves more and more. Once again, a larger tropical storm is on the way in the neighborhood, which is hitting the coast in Nicaragua at the time this article is written. As a result, there has been no wind here for a few days. In addition, temperatures of over 30 ° C and a humidity of 75%. The way to the supermarket becomes a feat of strength. After a few steps, the now wet clothing sticks to the skin. The alternative is no funnier, because when the rain clouds pour out when there is no wind, a lot of water falls in a short time. Also for the coming weekend there is no wind forecast from Friday to Tuesday.

Heavy rain again

Yesterday I really worried about the weather again. I met Paul in a really nice jazz bar. Paul also feeds the donkeys and asked me a few days ago if I would know this bar. I didn't know her, but I will visit her again. The jazz is not too crazy. But before leaving the boat I forgot to close the hatches in the roof. So my mattress was nice and damp, because in my absence another heavy rain event took place in the harbor, of which I did not notice anything in the bar fifteen minutes walk away. I think I'll have dried the mattress again by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

If the wind blows at the usual strength from the usual direction at some point, one of my constructions in the Donkey Sanctuary comes into its own: the universal soap dispenser holder. A construction against the little annoyance in everyday life. When the bottles of liquid soap are almost empty, they are too light and the wind blows them around. Anneke expressed herself quite annoyed with me. In the past, a wooden soap dispenser holder was built before, then the shape of the bottles changed and they no longer fit.

Universal soap dispenser holder

Unfortunately, I ran out of paint while painting. Otherwise the construction is reasonably simple and has the advantage that it works.

As beautiful as the peacocks are to look at, they are sometimes annoying. They annoy the cats too. This, too, is part of the little annoyance in everyday life that can be quickly eliminated with a little imagination. The peacocks like the cat food and drive the cats out of their food crate. When the peacocks aren't picking up the cat food, the chickens are doing the job.

Peacock-proof cat feeding crate. How do I get to cat food now?

With eight screws and two cords I have made the entrance to the feeding box so small that the big birds can no longer fit in. Nothing changes for the cats, they can get their food easily.

Sweety at rest while eating

A few days ago I was invited to Juliette's barbecue. I also know her from the Donkey Sanctuary, she also feeds the donkeys. I've been in Aruba longer than Juliette, who was only able to move from the Netherlands to Aruba after the first Corona wave. It turned out to be a wonderful evening, but the main characters had nothing to do with the barbecue. They are still so small that they do not beg for food at the table. In contrast to the surrogate mom.

Eight little puppies

Juliette's neighbors recently found a litter of abandoned puppies. As the owner of two dogs, she accepted the challenge and was able to raise them all. Now Juliette's adult bitch suddenly even offers milk for the puppies. There are not only cute donkeys and cats. The dogs are to be placed in the USA shortly.

It didn't rain that barbecue evening. The hatches were closed. I will never complain about the German weather again.

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