You are on the move!

Today Daphe and Gentoo started towards Madeira and the Canary Islands. We wish you a safe journey and a fine wind from the right direction. The wind forecast looks good, we would probably use this weather window if we were in a hurry. As a participant of the ARC they have to be in Las Palmas at the right time.

Empty berth

This makes us one of the slowest boats again. The Fairytale drove us away and on the way to the Mediterranean. So we will karma probably no longer see. The Milena Bonatti is already in Gran Canaria. We don't know where the tonic and the cosa are.

We didn't go out to anchor because today the Roede Orm comes to Lagos in the marina. We drive tomorrow and look forward to seeing you again tonight.

In the meantime, I no longer wonder whether we are too slow. We are as fast as we should and want to be. We drive at the right pace. We drive at our speed and will hit the boats again that have not turned into the Mediterranean. That much is certain. We just don't know where and when that will be.

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