Sissi speeded, sun shines!

Sissi sways gently in the long waves, the sail stands safely in the steady trade wind. We not infrequently see six gusts of wind; at six and a half nautical miles an hour we whiz through the southern Caribbean Sea. The sun is shining, six solar panels are sending the electricity into our system, the super wind generator is buzzing and collecting ampere-hour after ampere-hour. Seabirds are screaming next to us, collecting flying fish, eating them and looking strong and elegant. We see dolphins swimming and jumping at their midday meal. A super sailing day that couldn't be nicer. The strong wind pushes us towards the Netherlands Antilles and sings its song in the rigging. Awesome!

We did not see our concord yesterday, but the sport was not neglected. Andreas packed us the live ticker for the cup game against Bremen in Frankfurt in emails and sent it via satellite to Sissi. So we jumped up when the gates fell. We cheered the victory and the Nebelhorn was allowed to speak. We saved cheers on the radio, there is nobody here in solitude anyway.

They are called the ABC Islands and somehow still belong to the Netherlands. We actually wanted to go straight to Aruba, but decided a few minutes ago that we should start Bonaire first. The distances between Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire are so small that we can continue to the next island at any time on a day without a night drive.

The third day at sea is always the day on which most tensions resolve. We are back on board, we were able to relax and now we have conversations with each other again. The program for the next few weeks is ready. Every plan does not survive the first contact with the enemy and the plan to somehow squeeze a visit from Cuba into the world tour was somehow wrong.

We are so fast and the route to the new destination is so much shorter, we will probably not arrive on Saturday but on Friday.

12 o'clock position: N12 ° 52 'W66 ° 20'
3rd time: 129 nm
Remaining distance to Bonaire: 120 nm

Sea birds feed on flying fish

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