Cloudy view

We don't hide anything. We report live from our sailing trip. We do everything we can to create envy at your home in Germany. And now that. It pours from buckets.

Rain in Lagos

We already had a lot of rain in Sines. Since he came at night, however, surprised us a little and caused a lot of wetness in the ship. Now we have rain in Lagos again. Is Wikipedia right? Portugal is said to be the rainiest time from October to March. That is obviously true. It is raining and not too scarce.

We are a little unmotivated and have not left Sissi today. Instead, we have cleaned up, cleaned thoroughly and are now polishing the blog or Instagram account.

Liquid sunshine

Yesterday we first heard the Eintracht game against Leverkusen on the radio. In the 3-0 home win we were able to distribute our goal celebrations in the marina often enough. Afterwards we, the Sissis, had a nice evening with the Gentoos (Danny, Marc and Mathilda), the Daphnes (Uta and Michael) and the Zora (Susanne) on the Gentoo. A nice round. The cockpit of the Gentoo was almost closed due to overcrowding.

The evening almost roars after a repetition, but there are no repetitions in life. Tomorrow the Gentoos start towards the Canary Islands, the Daphnes want to go to Madeira beforehand and we are looking for a nice anchor bay. In addition, the rain should be through tomorrow.


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  1. We envy you. The wonderful rain would clean our brown rig above the 1st spreader. The Calima, who visited us on Lanzarote, settled there. Here in the Canary Islands there is a maximum of a few drops, they are not enough.
    And sailing slowly with little wind is still possible. From Bft 5 you have to come up with something to get below 3 knots.
    Petra and Alfred wish you a good crossing and best regards to Susanne

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