Crossing to Barbados Day 17 - wind pilot, seaweed and parcel services

Since driving from Lagos to Lanzarote, we have always had the problem that a certain screw on our wind vane loosens. At first we didn't notice it as dramatically, only when we lost the second screw did we wake up here. Unfortunately, by continually tightening these screws, we managed to pretty much destroy the associated thread. We noticed that on the last Monday of Tuesday night. I wrote an email to Peter Foerthmann in Hamburg and asked for a spare parts delivery to Frankfurt am Main, because this Friday Burti and Jörg flew there to meet us in Barbados. With an express delivery, it should be possible to get the part to Frankfurt on time.

Peter Foerthmann also responded promptly and the spare part immediately went on a trip with UPS. He even packed longer bolts that we can't lose so quickly. Jens and I were reassured because this parcel service has always worked. I was totally blown away by the invoicing. We should send some nice pictures of Sissi driving the wind vane or lying in a picturesque bay. Wow! That's what I call fast, friendly, accommodating and inexpensive service. Many thanks at this point!

Unfortunately UPS could not find the address in Frankfurt in time. Boom. Out. End of the story. We can still keep the original part functional. Let’s see how long that’s going to work. Maybe there is a locksmith on Barbados who can make us a spare part.

We continue to try to empty the Atlantic. We also pull a fat catch out of the water every time. Unfortunately, the catch is vegetarian and nobody likes to process it into a salad. For days we have been driving through gigantic fields of seaweed, which stubbornly sticks to the fishing rod in seconds. Good for the fish, stupid for our menu.

17th time: 100 nm
12 o'clock position: N14 ° 24 ′ W55 ° 57 ′
226 nautical miles to Barbados, 1939 miles behind us.


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