Crossing to Barbados Day 20 - arrival

We are flying towards Barbados. Sissi runs almost 6 kn most of the time. However, we cannot make it to Port St. Charles before 5 p.m., we have moored until 5:15 p.m. The official target time for the who is closest to the arrival time game is January 19, 2020, 5:15 p.m. So that's cleared up now. Now all we need is decent internet and then we can also determine the winner. That will probably happen in the next few days.

The clearing in Port St. Charles was done in 45 minutes. The people there are extremely friendly, the authorities are all in one building in three adjacent rooms. You should take enough copies of the crew list (at least 3-4 pieces), then you save yourself filling out many forms. Since you cannot stay in Port St. Charles, the port is made for yachts of more than 50 meters in length, we moved to Carlisle Bay in Bridgetown. Here we are at anchor.

We'll let ourselves go for now - for a few hours. Then Burti and Jörg come on board. Jakob has already moved to Björkö, which is also in the bay here. Jens tested the water temperature, it is very pleasant. I will not be blogging in the coming days, my fingers need a break. And the time at anchor is even more boring than the time at sea.

I still have a slight headache, somehow one of the beers didn't really survive the transport across the Atlantic. Why do I always get such beers? It couldn't have been because of the appler. That's why END OF TRANSMISSION is now.

Remaining distance: 34 nm
We have 2199 miles behind us.


4 Replies to “Überfahrt nach Barbados Tag 20 – Ankunft”

  1. Congratulations on the successful crossing. But why haven't we heard anything more about the secret weapon Parasailor?

  2. The "secret weapon" Parasailor has unfortunately got a five meter long crack. That happened to us when we were recovering when a gust of wind hit us. That's why we packed it together and it now takes up a lot of space. I hope it can be fixed.

  3. Ouch, five meters, that's tough. And definitely a high-tech material that nobody can mend except the manufacturer.

  4. I sent the manufacturer an email. Let's see if there is a possibility of a repair in the Caribbean.

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