Crossing to Barbados Day 8 - Lottery with guaranteed prize money

The disasters were all reserved for the darn seventh day, the eighth day started leisurely. No flying fish. Just tighten a few loose screws, not even in places where it can be dangerous. Everything is OK, the coffee is freshly steamed. Wind and solar power flow steadily into the batteries, the Wattermaker hums and fills the water tank. There is no reason to complain. We don't even have to curse at the Iridium Lotto anymore. We always have five correct numbers now! So five out of five bars for the signal strength. And that's how it happened ...

A few weeks ago, on the crossing from Santa Cruz to Mindelo, I scolded a blog about iridium. That we always lose connections and that the transmission of large amounts of data is a game of chance. Shortly afterwards, I received an email from Martin at SY Fairytale. He has a lot of Iridium experience and said I should operate the device without our external antenna. Since I have already tried this without success on the North Sea, I ignored this recommendation and forgot it a few days later.

I tried it a few days ago. I was bored on my watch and there was nothing else to fix. In the cockpit, I was able to transmit large amounts of data without any problems with the built-in antenna. After several attempts, I later succeeded in producing such stable connections at the installation site in the machine room. There is a loose contact where you plug the antenna cable into the casing of the phone. I fixed the antenna cable with some adhesive tape, then a big blob of screw glue was added to the five-bar position. Holds. Since some days. And we've never had problems with disconnections since then. Martin, thank you again for the mail!

The next step will be to get Netflix working through Iridium. Or buy from Musk? The 2400 connection is just as powerful as my high-speed modem was in the 1980s. However, the connections are really messy stable. Just for fun, I emailed a 1.9MB photo to our sister. It only took a little over two and a half hours. And a flat rate is wasted every minute that no data is transmitted.

Of course we made a mistake about the repairs. A batten broke under the load of two sails, a dinghy, a mast ladder, a heeled Porsche and a bicycle. It now wants to be cleared out. Jakob and Jens have already started the clearing and woodwork.

8. Etmal: 119 nm
Position at 12 o'clock: N15 ° 46 ′ W38 ° 53 ′
1215 nautical miles to Barbados, we have 865 miles behind us.

Fixed loose contact!

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  1. hai jörg 😉
    Today I received a postcard from Lanzarote THANK YOU
    I wish good wind and that the waves don't get too high
    greetings also to your sailors grin @RNO

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