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The penguin is a kind of heraldic animal from Bonaire. It is available in the tourist gift shop as a soft toy in all sizes, but it is actually on every corner on the island. Penguins cannot fly. That's why they stand around in the water and look good doing it.

Penguin foraging

We are lucky and can see a penguin foraging for food. So far I only know them from the Frankfurt Zoo, where they have their place right at the main entrance. But I have to say that they are much better to see here in their natural environment.

Fountain bird while hunting. Unfortunately pressed the shutter too late.

Then we can still watch the filler bird. I already had one in primary school, but now I see one hunting in the wild. Unfortunately, I pressed the shutter release too late. The fountain after immersing in the water is neat.

The filler bird starts again

I can easily photograph the start after the first dive in “divers paradise”, then we watch the filler bird gaining altitude.

Filler bird is increasing in height

The bird circles higher, higher and higher. He searches for fresh fish from above in the clear water.

Filler bird at company level

With the thick neck and on the packaging of the fountain pen, the fountain pen does not look particularly elegant. However, that changes immediately when he circles in the air. And then he plunges into the floods ...

Filler falls into the floods

We could stand there for hours, but then we wouldn't get to the donkeys. I will write something more about the donkeys, but there is no time for that at the moment. So we get on our scooters, let the engines roar and hunt towards the donkeys. The path leads us past an impressive surf.

No bathing beach

Who has not noticed it yet - I have no idea about birds. But they still look elegant. And some of them are available in great colors. I don't have a name for this bird here, but it's nice yellow.

Yellow little bird

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