Visit to the dentist

Well, what should I write. Sometimes it just has to be, there is no resistance. When the dentist visits the Donkey Sanctuary, at least one donkey must be treated. The other donkeys are curious or ignore the treatment.

In this case it is a donkey whose name I have yet to look up. She has bumps in her teeth that prevent her from chewing properly. You can see that on her, she's gotten pretty thin.

I don't use music as background music, so the sound of the dentist's tool comes out better. Dentist and donkey sometimes chew at the same time.

I think it's funny that the dentist and Peter both overlooked the fact that the gate is still open. The second patient almost got away from them.

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  1. How lucky I'm not a donkey. I would never go to the dentist again. But I could use the drill. That could compete with Hilti.

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