Farewell dinner and clearing out

Our time in Tenerife is coming to an end. That's why we arranged to meet the crews of the Roede Orm and Grace for a farewell dinner in the restaurant. Experience has shown that it is better to let the celebrations for the last evening run on the penultimate evening. Then you start sleeping and rested into the sailing day.

La Hierbita

So I walk through the city in the afternoon and try to find a restaurant that I noticed a few days ago. If you think of somewhere with seven people at the best meal time, the chances are they will send you away again.

The waiter who enters my reservation request in the thick book says to me that it is an ugly evening. There is a lot going on because a festival is taking place. In fact, they have been building the concert site right next to the marina for days.

Concert site

Jens and I slowly prepare ourselves and take another shower. We almost want to get off the boat when there is a knock on the side. Three somewhat demolished figures are there and my first thought is that hitchhikers want to be taken across the Atlantic again.

Spanish Customs
The first of the three holds an official ID card under my nose and a few minutes later the Spanish customs are in our cockpit. We are asked about our route, have to conjure up all kinds of ship documents and then Sissi is photographed. Immediately after arrival, the Oberzöllner said to us: “I apologize in the name of the Spanish Kingdom for the man that is going to sing!” In good German: The customs officer apologized for the guy for whom they set up the stage. We don't hear anything yet. The customs officer also notes that his grandmother is a big fan of the singer.

Queue at the inlet

So we meet with the Roede Orm and Grace in front of the marinators. We watch the snake slowly advance at the inlet. We hope to miss the concert at dinner.

The rows of seats fill up.

My nose didn't cheat on me. The restaurant is good. The restaurant is really good. We feast properly. As stupid Germans we ordered one starter per person, three of which were starters. That was nonsense, because the Spaniards are used to sharing their starters at the table. A plate would also have been enough, we would have better ordered another starter. The main course is also delicious, no dessert fits in anymore.

Three sailing boats at a table

We roll back on board with a full stomach. The concert can be heard several hundred meters in front of the marina. It doesn't help that some of the protagonists are still wasting time at various ATMs, we also hear the concert at the ATMs.

Concert is on

So we sit down together in the cockpit of the Sissi and continue celebrating, because you have to celebrate the festivals as they fall. With the yodeling from the concert, sleep is out of the question. Oh yes, we found the main actor on Youtube:

The tax collector was right to apologize.

At noon the following day, I go to the port police. I have all the papers from Sissi and the crew with me.

The clearing is done in 10 minutes, it took much longer to explain to the police officers in front of the building what I wanted from them.

Now we have officially left the European Union with Sissi and have to leave the port within the next 24 hours (or something like that). We have no other plans. Adios Espana. Bye Europe. Caribbean, we are almost on our way.

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