Goodbye Christoph

He went with me when I took the first sailing trip of my life in Croatia. We crossed the North Sea together and sailed the Hebrides in Scotland. Together we could experience low points and high points of cruising sailing. We got to know each other at a motorcycle meeting.

In 2019, Christoph was last on board with us to tick an important bucket on his personal bucket list. He wanted to cross the Bay of Biscay on a sailing boat. We were able to fulfill his wish, Christoph accompanied us from Guernsey to Vigo in Spain, in the middle of the Bay of Biscay we were even able to observe two whales.

Christoph on the Île de Batz near Roscoff

Today we received the news that Christoph recently passed away. Our thoughts are with his loved ones.

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  1. Yes, Christoph had accompanied us on our joint sailing tour as the second professional sailor with three beginners on the excursion from Stavoren to Texel and back!

    I will always remember him with the experience and closely connected with the beautiful experience! The North Sea without any wind!

  2. Hello, this is Arnd, Christoph's brother. In our family everyone is infected with the sailing virus. We, that is, our kids, my wife Elke and I, were with Christoph on a wonderful trip in the Amalfi Bay in 2011 on a chartered Salona 41. Nice memories on a very sad occasion. Would like to post a few pictures, is that possible on your blog?

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