On the boat and on the road

The new corona rules have been in effect with us since today. The new rules mean that there are actually no more rules. For example, the obligation to wear masks has been lifted, the masks are only recommended. Soraida, for example, immediately said that with her no passengers could get on the bus without a mask. I would keep it that way if I were you. The number of active Covid-19 cases is 35 today, and there have only been two to three new infections per day in the last few days. The vaccination program pays off. Even the beaches can now be re-entered in the evening, you can sit at the bar and when artists perform, it can even be a full symphony orchestra again. Up to now, a maximum of one artist inside or three outside was allowed. So much for that, but now I have to get to work.

I'm still waiting for the new fitting for the backstay, but that doesn't mean I'll run out of work on board.

The lost screw

I have to climb. Not on the very big mast, only on the second highest mast. He carries the wind generator, which always blows our batteries so nicely on the way. Unfortunately on the last trip we lost the screws that hold the generator in place. That didn't harm the position or the output of the power plant, but it has to be done.

Before I can climb up there, all fenders have to be cleared out of the way. The lines of the wind vane are also in the way. I dismantle them before my way up. This is difficult at first, all the blocks are screwed very, very tight - we don't want to lose them. After a good hour I have stowed all the lines below deck, I don't have to grill them in the sun for a whole year. The way up is finally free.

Freed from all unnecessary lines

Has the mast always been that high? Did I really go up in the middle of the Atlantic to replace these screws? And why do we no longer have screws of the right length (M6 with 10mm length). The screws go on the shopping list.

I won't be using the watermaker for the next few months. So I have to winter him. No life should develop in the tubes.

The cleaning solution for the watermaker is mixed.

I have never done that. The company where I had the watermaker installed has integrated two hoses into the system that can be used to create a circuit. Exactly for this purpose. I read through the relevant section of the operating instructions again, then off we go. The device starts its work with a sonorous humming and after a few seconds the bucket with the cleaning solution is empty. I beg your pardon?

Hmmm. I forgot to close the valve on the outlet. Instead of circulating, the liquid found the path of least resistance. In the Atlantic. I mix up another portion of the solution, set the valves correctly and it's all over the place. After the end of the process, I take out the filters and then it's done. Now I don't have to worry about the device anymore, the last official act is to turn off the power.

Deep inside Sissi - the Watermaker is wintered.

Then I want to do a little something on the car - I don't like the tires. In addition, the car does not drive particularly well with the four different slippers. On the way to the hardware store, I pass the tire dealer. Not just at one tire dealer, I visit several. First, I'll go to Jay's. Edward recommended it to me, and Soraida also has Jay's adverts on her bus. A specialist in used tires. I am offered four tires for my car for 200 florins including assembly. Of course, the tires are in stock.

I am even allowed to look at the tires and even choose the ones myself that will be put on my car later. That was a misunderstanding on my part. My association with used tires was that they were retreaded tires. No, you thought wrong. These things are really used and have been sorted out by their previous owners. I can't find four identical tires. I wouldn't improve.

Get ready to change tires

At Jay's, they send me to Napa. There they would have the tires in new, but would not assemble them. I could come back with the Napa tires and have them fitted here. A quick detour to Napa makes me realize that I have to pay 62 florins for a new tire, but that there are currently no tires in stock. Good to know. No, you can't tell me when the next delivery is coming. It will come at some point.

Soraida thinks I'm stupid. I should ask her. For new tires you go to JR. There is an offer there, four new tires for 200 Florin including balancing and assembly. That's the price of four used Jay's tires.

Now the transformation of the car is taking place. From a junk truck to a good car.

At JR you have the tires in stock. The assembly will be done immediately, I am announced a waiting time of one hour. That’s okay. I keep an eye out for Soraida's bus, the route of which passes by JR. After just five minutes, an employee comes and tells me that the car can now be driven into the hall. That was fast. People get to work right away.

It's very convenient. I can take a good look at the brakes. When braking, I always had the impression that something was wrong with the brake discs. Or the brake pads. I can rule that out after a good visual inspection. At this point I haven't bought a construction site.

Installation of the new tires

Fantastic. I drive from the yard and realize that I just have a brand new car. The car now drives straight ahead without my intervention and stays in the lane even when braking. I think the vehicle's value has just doubled. So off to the hardware store. The first hardware store doesn't have metric screws. The next one not made of stainless steel. The third hardware store can offer me the M6 with a length of 10mm.

I think it is like the bolts for the wind vane control. I'll buy a whole dozen. Since we have had so many replacement bolts for the wind vane, none have been lost. And a new tube of screw glue, the old one has been open for two years. But it's too hot for me now for a new climbing tour. I do that the next cloudy day or early in the morning.

Night mood in Varadero

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