The football rolls - EM in Aruba

In Aruba, too, people are talking about the European Football Championship. Aruba is not a big football nation, its own kickers are just about to fail to qualify for the World Cup. However, football has a few fans in Aruba, one of them being Soraida. Before we tried to leave Aruba, Jens and I made some fan articles available to her so that she could decorate the bus and house, because she is a declared fan of the German national team. Since we have enough German flags on board, one of them went to Soraida's house. Likewise a scarf in black, red and gold.

German flag at Soraida, the MEP canvassing for the neighbors.

The Teuton looks much more decorative than the neighbour's election advertisement. This is also a greeting to the neighbors across the street who support the Dutch team. Note the palm tree in the lower right corner of the picture. The television is switched on, we don't see anything of the Greenpeace stunt. The game begins ... you know how it turned out.

I'd rather write about traffic lights now. It's a lot more fun. In Oranjestad there are at least five or six exciting crossings with traffic lights. As you can see, you can't see anything. The lights are off.

Traffic light intersection with switched off traffic lights

Depending on the direction, this intersection is very difficult to see and deserves its traffic lights. It is a mystery to me why it is turned off. This is not only the case at this intersection, it is the case at almost all traffic light intersections in Aruba.

Also switched off - the traffic lights at this intersection

This intersection is also difficult to see, the traffic lights are also switched off. I saw traffic lights in Noord that only glow black, also in San Nicolas. Wherever there is a traffic light on this island - it is off.

Really? No! There is only one intersection in Oranjestad where black is not the dominant traffic light color. Why? Nor is it worse or more dangerous than the other hybrids. Not every puzzle on earth can be solved.

Only working traffic light intersection in Aruba. At the top right the logo of the largest petrol station chain.

There is a gas station just a few steps away from this intersection. No comparison with our petrol stations, where you get your hands dirty and the vehicle has to fill the tank with the fuel itself. Here you have a choice. A job that has long since died out here makes it possible, the gas station attendant.

Few of them drive to the self-service petrol pumps here, because that is a very cumbersome solution. You go to the cash register, pay for the gas, then you go to the gas pump and fill up. If you want to fill up, the treasurer would like to have a deposit. Then he activates the gas pump. Then a second course to the cash register and pay. No thanks.

Gas station attendant at work

The gas attendants fill the tank and collect the money. You don't have to leave the vehicle. Very practical, comfortable and it creates jobs that are not or only slightly dependent on tourism. Such jobs are rather the exception in Aruba, the largest part of the economy here is tourism.

Back to football for a moment. On Saturday the kick-off is here at 12 noon. Some passengers will feel that, because there is one less bus on the route.

Decoration on the garden gate and in the bus. Sad the result.

The day after the first soccer game, we work a little in the garden. It urgently needs a makeover. In particular, the two palm trees on the left and right of the entrance stairs are extremely annoying. They block access to the stairs and spread more and more. I shorten the palm trees, thin out the palm fronds a little, and use them to fill the trunk of my car.

Donkey with delicacies

The green waste is recycled. So then everyone becomes a winner after all. Soraida wins nicely trimmed palms and the donkeys win a delicious additional meal. At least the ones standing at the entrance fence. It's not that much green waste either.

This is what winners look like!

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