It is finished!

After a construction period of only two weeks, the new roof was ready. At first I thought the construction was excessive. Now I really like it. The quality of stay has improved significantly. The beams were built in such a way that the nibbled sides point upwards and cannot be seen from below.

The new roof

Now visitors can feed the donkeys in the shade under the roof. This makes them stay longer, buy more feed, and generate more income. In addition, the donkeys stay close because they love the shade too. When it rains, it gets very tight under the roof, because then the donkeys prefer to look for a dry place.

This is what the view looks like from the inside

One disadvantage is that it has now become much darker inside. You can't sit there with your sunglasses on. Now I keep changing glasses - depending on whether I'm inside or outside.

One resident of the Donkey Sanctuary doesn't care whether the roof is up there or not - the cat Sweety. He's been looking for a new place to hang out in the last few weeks.

Sweety depends

When he's not on the counter and wants to be petted, he's been hanging from the ceiling lately.

To improve security against damage from vandalism, each door has been given a bracket that must be folded up.

Security gain?

How long will this bracket provide a safety gain? The donkeys are extremely intelligent and skilled animals. About a minute after the bracket was screwed to this door, the first donkey came and almost lifted it up. Another centimeter further and the donkey would have had a sense of achievement. It won't take long.

A donkey cannot see what exactly is in front of its nose. His eyes are on the sides of his head and so he can see almost everything around him. Just not what's in front of his nose. He feels it with his lips. Whether it is food or “toys”. Like the door lock. The problem is that the donkeys are all very motivated to open the doors. Behind it is paradise in the form of delicious furniture and feed pellets.

The donkey can do that

The donkey can certainly fold the handle around, I've already seen that. In addition, he manages to first fold the small latch up from its end position and then push it into the open position. Wow! All with the lips. The order is clear. It's not a coincidence. Only the small snap hook offers security here. They can't open it.

Magical colors in the evening in Oranjestad

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