Freedom for jip

I sit at the saloon table and look at all the objects that are usually stored in the bow bunk and in the sail load. It's late afternoon and unbearably hot. Hurricane Elsa stole the Passat from us in Aruba for a few days. I'm trying to make a post for the blog. Suddenly my fan stops. The Internet is also cut off from Aruba, or at least from my boat.

I'm going to troubleshoot. On the jetty I meet Paul, the owner of the marina. He is checking the power supply to his boat. Okay, we have a power outage on the entire pier. The Fish House marina restaurant also has no electricity. So the blackout even affects the whole marina. After half an hour it becomes too colorful for me. I'm going to my favorite bar in Oranjestad. I expect to meet friends there and get more information.

At night in Oranjestad

I meet Paul (whom I met at the donkey's, not the one from the marina), his girlfriend Sanne (who owns the bar's 50%) and Germille (the pizza maker in the bar). They are just carrying in the furniture, because the bar has no electricity either. The band announced for the evening cannot play. Germille's father is an important man in the local power company. Germille says they would only call him from the end of the day in very bad situations. So we get exclusive information pretty quickly, because Paul makes the Internet available to us via his mobile hotspot. Allegedly a turbine in the power plant has been destroyed. The blackout affects the whole island and is said to last all night. Germille hopes his food will survive the night in the refrigerator. I don't have the worries. The bar closes shortly after dark.

Eh, we have a generator

On the way back I notice that the streets are full. I remember Anneke's words that when there is a power failure, people get in their cars and drive around because the air conditioning in the house is no longer working. Big blackout, lots of cars. It accumulates in all corners. The marina shines in festive lighting, because a diesel generator is now buzzing right next to the entrance gate. Back on Sissi, I still perceive it as a faint noise. Isn't that bad, that's how electricity sounds. The fan works again and so does the internet.

The last time I visited my cat, I had a wonderful job. Little Jip, who has been separated from the others in a cage for weeks, has cured his diarrhea. He's allowed to go to the other kittens now. He's really pleased. The photos were taken shortly before and after the cage door was opened. I would love to take the little one.

Don't panic, I won't take it. Cats, in my opinion, haven't lost too much on sailboats. Now I just mustn't get weak in the near future. I don't want the formalities of crossing the border with a cat alone.

In any case, the generator has gone silent today, but the electricity is still on again. Nice. I still have to buy carrots then I'll be ready to visit the donkey this afternoon.

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