Good news and bad news

We achieved our first success in combating our oil spill. In the meantime we have learned to use our carpet cleaning miracle cure. At first, we used too much baking soda and too little alcohol. In the meantime we have learned how to get the best cleaning result.

Above the dark oil dirt, below the soil that is currently being worked.

First I spread the baking soda on the dry carpet. Then I massage it into the carpet with my feet. I distribute it almost exactly as I distributed the dirt in the boat before, just with a little more care. Then I spray them all so far with alcohol that the carpet is soaked and I can no longer see the white baking powder.

This area can now be sprayed.

Then the work is done once. I sit in the fresh air, the alcohol vapor is difficult to bear. The boat must be well ventilated. I could imagine that otherwise an explosive mixture would form in the air. Ventilation also helps relieve headaches. After two to three hours, the alcohol has evaporated (at approx. 30 ° C room temperature). Then the first dirt stains should show up in the baking powder.

The floor dries slowly and brown spots appear in the white baking powder. That's the dirt that comes out.

Now I spray the alcohol over and over again, it loosens the dirt from the carpet. After three to four applications of alcohol, I let the carpet dry completely overnight. The next morning it is vacuumed, the dry baking powder is easy to soak up.

After vacuuming. You can clearly see that there is still dirt in the carpet. So another application is necessary.

Then I can assess the result and whether the carpet needs further treatment. If no further treatment is necessary, I use a sturdy brush to brush the last bits off the carpet and let them disappear in the vacuum cleaner. The result is impressive. There was a wide, black line on the floor of the forward berth, our high seas garbage can is always there, and we often walk along it. Now the floor is nice and clean again.

Forward berth after three applications. It was actually two applications and an attempt at learning.

Oh yes, there would be Tuesday morning. The rigger is with us on the boat and calmly looks at the top of the mast with the binoculars. Then he tells me that we probably have to put the mast down. He will try to come up with a solution overnight to solve the problem with the mast standing up. Otherwise the crane alone would cost around 1000 US$. Uh I don't like news like that.

Freshly sprayed on, allowed to dry.

I grab the spray bottle and give the floor another treatment. Aruba is stickier than our floor.

In times of Covid it is certainly not bad that we have disinfected our carpeting over and over and over and over in the last few days. There is no way our feet will get Covid. I cannot imagine that there is a place with a better disinfected floor.

2 Replies to “Gute Nachrichten und schlechte Nachrichten”

  1. Moin Jörg, you should definitely electrify the boat. shut down if you're messing around with alcohol. A relay just has to click at the wrong moment (refrigerator) and it goes boom.
    On the mast, the inserted aluminum head (if present) must probably be pulled out in order to get to the axle.

  2. We only do that with the alcohol if we can ventilate the boat with a few wind speeds at the same time. Otherwise you can't stand it below deck. We can't shut down the whole boat, but we turn off the refrigerator.

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