Hacking hardware store

The headline for this post has been buzzing in my head for a few hours. But I still don't really know how to start it. It's best to start at the beginning.

Speed dinghy with a firm roof and firm floor

In the beginning was the car rental company. We ended up in Marina Puerto Calero, which is pretty far from everything we want to see. Only the way to the bus stop is somewhat short, but the bus only runs once an hour. There is only a small supermarket in the marina, the nearest supermarket outside is already four kilometers away. We also want to see the island. So I went to the local car rental company and rented a speed dinghy. It has room for four or two people and our damaged genoa. I don't think the price of 110 € for a week is excessive. This is what you pay here on the island if you get a cart outside the marina - you just have to take the bus to pick it up or bring it back.

The car rental company is a lazy person. After pulling my credit card through the device, he hands me the car key. I ask for a handover, he tells me that the car is behind the house on the right. All right. Then I find a lot of damage from the previous tenants that I photograph. I go back to his office, disturb him with his cell phone while paddling and ask him to note the damage. He replies with the words “It's okay. It's full casco ”. All right.

Hui, how fast!

We don't find mooring lines or fenders, but we come out of the marina well. We also miss the mast and I especially miss the autopilot in the car. But Navionics shows a very good speed. A motor boat stop. Jens and I have been in a car for the first time since Frankfurt.

In a frenzied drive we pass Arrecife, the largest town on the island, on the bypass and see a hardware store, an IKEA and other large shops. We agree that we have to go there again.

We have to go to the hardware store anyway, because our 10-key went diving in the Lagos harbor. We also pulled a trail of lost screws in the Atlantic. They vibrate at Sissi just as quickly as on a motorcycle from Milwaukee. In Lagos they were still at the controls, in Puerto Calero they were already missing. Gone stupid. We are slowly running out of M6 screws. We don't have many of the M10 either. But first we want to do some sightseeing.

View of the sea from the mountains

We have seen so many beautiful green landscapes that we are happy about the completely different ambience in Lanzarote. It is something very special, the colors brown, black and dark brown dominate everywhere. Ash, lava. In between the villages are always kept white. At first we thought it was just a cottage area, but then we learned that there was a great artist here, César Manrique, who saved the island from castles and mostly from high-rise buildings.

Mirador del Rio

The viewpoint too Mirador del Rio is a work by César Manrique. From here you have a great view of the neighboring island of La Graciosa. There is also one of the few beautiful anchor bays. Maybe we'll go there again.

La Graciosa

I definitely have to photograph one of the white villages. On the way back to Sissi we drove along the beach. Also very, very nice. I really like the island.

At the beach

Now we are on the way back and I now come to the history of the hardware store. Armed with a long shopping list, we climbed through the rows of shelves. Screws, nuts, wrenches, an extra set of wrenches for recessing, coffee pot holder for the cockpit, clothes pegs, clothesline and and and ...

We see floor mats on a shelf and grab them immediately. A neat industrial mat that can be soaked in salt water (against the cockroach eggs that you may have stepped into) and that can be placed above the entry ladder. She is in the shopping cart.

Optimus hardware store in Arrecife

Every part is scanned at the checkout. The sticker with the barcode is missing on the doormat. I want to go and get another because a line has formed behind us, but Jens holds me back - it was the last doormat of this kind. The cashier calls a colleague for help. She goes to the floor mats and comes after a few minutes with a big question mark on her face. That strikes me as Spanish.

The cashier's colleague disappears into the back room. Then she comes back. On a PC, she begins to browse through the hardware store's online range. Then pictures of floor mats are looked through with the Google image search. Then Amazon is called. It is discussed again. The line behind us grows and grows.

The action at the cash register now takes just under a quarter of an hour. The cashier "parks" our purchase and first dismantles the queue. Jens makes the suggestion to simply take the price tag off the shelf. The proposal is not bad in and of itself, but there is no price tag for exactly this doormat. Ultimately, the price of any doormat is entered into the cash register. The price is okay.

After half an hour at the cash register, we knew almost all of the DIY store employees. And we had the idea of hardware store hacking. You buy an object from OBI and carry it to Hornbach at the checkout. It must be an item that Hornbach does not have in the range, but is common in hardware stores. In Arrecife we could inadvertently employ six people for half an hour. How can that be with Hornbach ???

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