Heavy metal

A few days ago I wrote about the destruction of the closet and the removal of the fittings. I then took the broken fitting to a specialist and discussed what the replacement part should look like. Then a week went by, I haven't heard from the good man. This is unusual even for Aruba. So I call the following week and lo and behold, the part is promised to me for Thursday or Friday. On Friday morning I received the message that the hardware can now be picked up. Very nice.

Old and new side by side in comparison

However, Saturday is first dedicated to the game of the German team. Soraida and I are looking forward to the result. This time we benefit from the own goals and in the end it doesn't matter who scores them for us. I fondly remember a game of our Eintracht against Mainz, in which Eintracht didn't score a single goal in a 2-2 final score. Why not also at the EM?

On Sunday I noticed that I didn't have a reasonable sealant for the fittings, on Monday I went to the animal shelter and then bought the sealant, so it would take until Tuesday before I could start installing.

Morning visitor to Sissi

I get up with the sun. I want to finish the work on deck as early as possible. While I am still enjoying my morning coffee, I notice a four-legged visitor on board. How sweet! I'll give him some treats. Then I get to work and after just under an hour the fitting on the starboard side is in place. This is real heavy metal.

Starboard side

Now I can put the closet back together. Before doing this, the autopilot control is screwed on properly. Of course, the longest screws available on board are a few centimeters too short. That means - of course - a detour to the nearest hardware store. I also lay a power line, then I can finally let the lamp on my pillow shine again.

The giver it autopilot and the new light pipe

The cabinet puzzle does not return to its original state entirely correctly. A couple of boards, which I have freed from their glueing with too rough force, unfortunately refuse to work with me. Sooner or later, however, it is me and not the closet that will win. It almost looks like nothing happened again. If I want to get to those bolts again, I can get to them in five minutes. Maybe 10 minutes, because the autopilot transmitter has to be removed non-destructively beforehand.

Almost finished, all that's missing is a strip on the ceiling

It is printed on the tube of the sealant that it must be used within 24 hours of opening. Actually, I wanted to give myself a day to put the clothes back in the closet and dismantle the closet on the port side. Then I would have to buy a new tube of the stuff, it would have been another 30 florins away. I'd rather do my job and do everything in one day. I got up early, it's not even ten o'clock.

At 10:30 am my things are all back in their closets. Then I make a plan because if I fiddle with the closet for two days, the sealant dries up too. All I have to do is break a single board out of the cabinet structure and then I can reach the two bolts that I need to get to.

New fittings on the port side. Heavy metal.

First remove the old sealant from the area, clean the surface thoroughly and then apply the new sealant. The two bolts slide into place without grumbling. Then I can tighten the nuts from below. With a few drops of wood glue and a screw clamp, I bring the cabinet back into shape. What I would not have dared to believe is that I can replace the fittings on both sides within a day.

The port closet. I marked the board with a screw clamp and an arrow.

What is left? After the project is before the project. The backstay is back in place. For the fine tuning and the correct shroud tension, I'll have the rigger come again. He can then immediately check whether the rig survived the breakage of the fitting. The next project is the ingress of water in the forward cabin, which is particularly noticeable on the starboard bow. The cause needs to be found and remedied.

So I clear out the front cabin and put everything on Jens’s mattress. Genoa, mainsail, dozens of pillows and blankets. What you don't have lying around on your ship. Jens' bunk is full before I can even empty half the front. I can also accommodate the steel part of the cake stand here.

Sail and ceiling storage

The work goes into the next section. But I can't have fun on board all day, I want to do something with animals. Starting again with the donkeys is unfortunately an impossibility. Desiree will probably hate me all her life. So I check out one of the local animal shelters that Aruba Animal Shelter. The donkeys are pretty cute, but so are the cats. Not only little Jip will make it into the blog.

Oh yes, there is still a choice. Parliamentary elections will take place in Aruba on Friday. The election campaign is still very loud and is present on the streets. Today there was a report on the radio on the topic, because alcohol is not allowed to be sold on Thursday and Friday because of the elections on the island. Neither in supermarkets nor in the bars and restaurants that are frequented by the locals. Only the hotels are allowed to serve foreign tourists, because after all, their vacation should not be spoiled.

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