A beautiful day. Looking for a new place for Sissi, I visited different places in the past week. There is the Aruba Nautical Club (ANC), a private yacht club open to members only. It was recommended to me because it is beautiful and quiet. The opening times of the office cannot be found on the Internet, but the opening times of the affiliated restaurant can. So I go to the island's usual office hours and find out that I've got the wrong day. It's Thursday and the office closes at 12 noon on Thursday. On all other days it is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. All right, I burned the fuel for nothing. I'm going back on Friday.

I'll be at the ANC office around 11:30 a.m. on Friday. Nobody can be seen there. I'll call the phone number on the opening hours sign. The phone rings in the restaurant. Of course, nobody answers, the restaurant doesn't open until 5 p.m. Besides me, another person came in vain. Bad luck. I leave the premises. A few minutes later I meet Soraida (by chance, of course) on the street, because I park the car in her turning area. Soraida wants to go to the vaccination center later that day and get her second vaccination. A little later I call the ANC again. The office is now open and I can come over and find out more. Fine.

The private club has an admission fee, a monthly fee, and berth fees. There is a discount of 20% in the club's own restaurant. Calculated over a year, the membership and the berth for Sissi would cost me about 400 US$ per month. For this price there is also a berth in the Marina Varadero, but without the formalities of membership and the waiting time until I am accepted as a member. With that the decision is clear. The berth in Oranjestad for 800 US$ is being given up and Sissi is moving to Varadero next week.

Vaccination Center in Santa Cruz

Soraida calls me. If I came right away, I could get the vaccination at the vaccination center. She's just in line, waiting for her second shot. Unfortunately, I have neither my passport nor my vaccination certificate with me. Soraida tells me that I just have to somehow prove that I will be staying in Aruba longer. I give the car the spurs and arrive in Varadero five minutes before the office closes. Office clerk Judith is happy about my reservation and about my credit card. She promises me a written confirmation of the reservation for the following day. Great! During the last visit the people in Varadero were very friendly, and this time they are too. However, this is true of almost everyone in Aruba.

On Saturday Jens and I take our passports, our vaccination cards and, to be on the safe side, all the boat papers with us. We go to the open vaccination appointment and are well equipped. The reservation confirmation brings us past the first security guard who is responsible for sorting out the tourists. The second guard accompanies us to the table for registration. There is a short discussion, then it is clear that Jens and I can get the vaccination. We are allowed to fill out the questionnaire. Excellent!

Questionnaire. Only available in papiamento.

A sports hall has been converted into a vaccination center. Music is playing. It's quiet but busy. The vaccination trolleys drive through between the rows of chairs. Jens and I sit on the chair for less than five minutes, then the car comes to us.

Jens is freshly vaccinated.

The last open question is whether it should be injected into the left or right arm. Then we have to wait another 15 minutes, then we can go again. It's that easy, it's that quick. We already have the second appointment, but unfortunately Jens won't be able to keep it. He has to find an appointment in Germany for the second shot. At least the vaccine fits, the Biontech vaccine is also used in Aruba.

My first shot

To celebrate the day we go to the Lionfish snack and eat a portion of kibbeling. Delicious. Then we let ourselves float around in the natural pool for two hours.

However, I have a problem with the vaccination. My smartphone (Android) cannot connect to the chip that has now been injected into me. Did they give me an Apple chip? Or is it even the case that the global shortage of chips means that my vaccine does not contain any chips at all? In any case, I cannot reach the chip with WLAN, Bluetooth or NFC. The FM radio in the car cannot receive it either. Or he is simply incompatible with everything ... In any case, I am very happy that I have finally been vaccinated.

Officially. Including a second vaccination appointment.

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  1. Hello, congratulations on your first vaccination!
    So the chip is only administered with the first vaccination, it is installed with the second vaccination. Then you can connect to WiFi etc. You can then use your thoughts to write a Word Doc. write and use Excel, drive a Tesla and much more.
    Have fun in Aruba.

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