Jippie !!! We know how the water gets into the bilge!

Sometimes it just has to be done with violence. In Martinique, we ran the Watermaker again for a few hours the evening before we left and pressed the water into the tank. There was also a tropical heavy rain shower and then a short time later there was quite a bit of water in the bilge. Even after we left, we regularly pumped out the bilge and noted the number of pump strokes. There was always water in the bilge, but it was getting less and less. So we raised the floorboards in the salon one more time and looked for a leak in the water tank - lo and behold, suddenly we saw water running under the first of the three tanks glistening in the bilge in the light of the flashlight. Hmmph I had previously ruled that out.

From there, the water runs straight into the deep bilge. Now we are faced with the question of whether this is a deliberate overflow of the overfilled tanks or whether this is a defect. If we have the telephone network again, I will first call the previous owner and ask. Back then he told me so much about the boat that I forgot a lot. With all the explanations and handouts, there was also something about the water tank. After all, Harald had the boat for 17 years, and there is already a wealth of experience.

In any case, many unresolved cases from the past have now been clarified, in which water suddenly appeared in the bilge. After leaving Porto, I remember that the water was up to the propeller shaft. However, we also ran the Watermaker in Porto for a very long time. Very often there was water in the bilge after the descent to major stages. Now it explains itself, because with the harbor current we could always let the Watermaker run for a long time. We did that too and probably overdid it with the crowd.

During my watch, I managed to take a picture in the moonlight that you can even see something on and that I think really brings the mood across. I love the nights at sea when nothing needs to be repaired and I can enjoy the trip.

12 o'clock position: N13 ° 20 'W64 ° 13'
2nd time: 107 nm
Remaining distance to the next destination: 346 nm

Moon night in the Caribbean sea

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