Crossing to Barbados Day 19 - final sprint

With the best weather and light wind we sail the last miles towards Barbados. We are spared again from squalls, instead the wind refreshes in the evening and we can turn the fridge on again. He is loaded with our anchor drinks. Our mood is euphoric. We take a final photo together in the cockpit, listen to Buena Vista Social Club at high volume and a little Harry Belafonte (Jens calls it trash).

The wind allows us one of the best times on this trip, although we were very, very slow in the first four or five hours. We learned a lot on this crossing. Some pieces of equipment have proven their worth - such as the Oskar bin for the garbage, which has taken up all our garbage from three weeks and does not smell. Or the ocean-going coffee pot holder in the cockpit, which also holds smartphones or Fanta bottles. If you can't imagine anything under “Oskar-Tonne”, you are welcome to enter the term in the search function here on the blog.

We have been seeing Barbados on the horizon for a few hours. We can hardly wait for the arrival. We are likely to be seen again on Marinetraffic. Hopefully we will be able to clarify to the authorities before 5 p.m. Whoever comes later will have to pay an overtime surcharge. If the wind doesn't let us down, we'll be on time.

19th time: 127 nm
12 o'clock position: N13 ° 21 ′ W59 ° 20 ′
23 nautical miles to Port St. Charles in Barbados, we have 2165 miles behind us.

Last full sea day

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