Crossing to the Canaries - Day 2

We check our course regularly, because with the wind vane control we are going in the wrong direction when the wind turns. So we have to pull on the steering lines in the early afternoon because we noticed a wind shift that has been blowing us in the wrong direction for three hours. Three hours are not a problem, that doesn't really get us off our course.

Sissi controls herself

Otherwise we start to get used to the slow life. When we walk through the ship we have to hold on tight and plan every step in advance, because the waves are still so vicious that they want to pull the ground away from under your feet. The planning of the dinner is similar. We bought tuna steaks in Lagos, and we make potatoes and carrots. For a meal time around 7 p.m., my preparation starts at 4 p.m. Cutting onions takes three times as long as in port. It's no different with carrots. Peeling the potatoes also takes a fair amount of time, because not only the potatoes but also the cook threaten to fly through the ship.

Basically everything is airworthy. Fruit, vegetables, knives, plates, spices, pots, pans and of course the tuna steaks too. Eating is all the faster because everything is airworthy after all. Especially the warm dishes on the plate, the rim of the plate is shaped like the runway of an aircraft carrier. My bruises bear witness to various landings. I particularly like landing on the engine, there are nice edges there that I can bump into.

After dinner, Jens goes to bed as always, I take the first watch and can also pass the time washing the dishes without distributing them in the salon. Succeeded. Then I doze off on the couch for a while, check the wide, empty ocean around us at regular intervals and suddenly wake up when a heavy rain shower hits through. Immediately close the bathroom window! Sissi luffs strongly in the following gust and begins to gallop over the waves. The wind vane controls this perfectly. Unfortunately the wind almost falls asleep after a quarter of an hour and we are condemned again to drive to Lanzarote at a better walking pace. Everything is as always. Only the cockpit is now soaking wet.

Around 4 o'clock, as always, we change the guard. I can sleep until 10 a.m., then Jens serves me a coffee and goes to bed himself.

The wind is really weak until around 1 p.m., but then it starts. While I am still dozing on the couch, a gust of 32 knots falls and the wind vane lets us turn again towards Portugal. At the same time pouring rain sets in. Great. I pull and pull the wind vane properly again, open the sail a little and Sissi really gets going. She is now galloping across the Atlantic at 6 to 7 knots. The lame days of today and yesterday are almost forgotten. The wind power plant produces electricity that we could light up Sissi like a crusader. If only it weren't for the rain, but there is always something.

Electricity production is going well

Today Eintracht plays in Liège. We ordered an email from our father with the result. Of course we will pull up our scarf, otherwise the away win won't work. We don't need a fireworks display like we did against the lower class opponents from Munich, we are also satisfied with a simple 1-0 away win.

Current position (at 2:30 p.m.): 40 ° 39'N 10 ° 32'W
Second Etmal: 87.3 nm (still slower than DHL)
Remaining distance: 359 miles

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